Case Studies

Merchant Payments AcceptanceMerchant Payments Strategy

A large ecommerce platform optimizes its payments strategy

A large ecommerce platform supporting small to medium businesses had grown significantly over the last decade. The company was concerned they had ‘outgrown’ their approach to payments. Glenbrook was asked to help assess the company’s payments strategies, operations, partners, and organization in order to define a more ideal configuration for payments acceptance, reporting, and ongoing management.

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Merchant Payments AcceptanceMerchant Payments StrategyPayments Facilitation

An Independent Software Vendor integrates payments processing into core solution

Over the past several years, the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) market has moved towards a model of integrating payments within their software solutions. An ISV recognized an opportunity to deeply integrate multi-channel Point of Sale and payment processing with their business management system to streamline customer operations and to recognize payments revenue and asked Glenbrook to evaluate the optimal provider configurations and potential partners that would support this objective.

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