Enterprises often to come to Glenbrook with three core goals:

1. Increase Sales

2. Lower Costs

3. Improve Customer Experience

To support these goals, we bring expertise to help your team answer questions like:


How can we optimize revenue by improving authorization rates and managing chargebacks?


How are our payment providers performing? Are we using the right partners?


How are our key payment metrics performing? How could they improve?


Is our tokenization strategy effective? Does our payments architecture support our objectives?


How can we lower processing costs?


Is our organization structured effectively for managing payments?

How we can help

Glenbrook provides payment acceptors with strategic and operational expertise by conducting assessments of current operations and partner performance, optimizing acceptance rates and payments costs, supporting vendor selection, and developing targeted payments strategies. The practice builds upon Glenbrook’s 22+ years of experience, where the firm has developed a reputation as the most trusted name in the payments industry. Glenbrook’s team of experts combines decades of operating experience at enterprises, card networks, and payment service providers with exposure throughout the payments industry.

Common focus areas and services include:

Payments Operations Assessment and Strategy

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of payment operations to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and areas for improvements
  • Develop a tailored payment strategy that aligns with business goals and enhances customer satisfaction
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities, streamline processes, and recommend technology enhancements to optimize payment operations and maximize profitability

RFP Management and Vendor Selection

  • Create customized RFPs that reflect unique requirements and objectives
  • Evaluate vendor responses objectively, using custom scorecards based on priorities
  • Support negotiations to secure favorable terms, pricing, and service level agreements (SLAs) with selected vendors

Authorization Rate and Involuntary Churn Optimization

  • Analyze authorization and related data to identify patterns and trends affecting approval rates and involuntary churn
  • Develop strategies to increase approval rates, reduce declines, enhance checkout experiences, and retain customers
  • Develop customized KPIs and data dashboards for ongoing analysis and monitoring of authorization rates and other indicators

Price Benchmarking and Negotiation Support

  • Benchmark current pricing against industry standards and competitors
  • Develop strategies to reduce payment processing costs while maintaining service quality
  • Review contracts to ensure they align with negotiated terms
  • Provide expert guidance and negotiation support to help secure competitive pricing and favorable terms with payment service providers

Team education on the payments industry and customized topics


Glenbrook’s public and private payments workshops, and on-demand modules


Access to Glenbrook’s team through expert retainer agreements


Customized, deep-dive strategy workshops

Enterprises Case Studies

A global omni-channel merchant maximizes retention and growth

A global omni-channel merchant had a number of strategic payments objectives, including 1) increase subscriber growth and retention 2) support international growth 3) maintain redundancy and resiliency and 4) maximize authorization rates. Glenbrook was asked to develop strategic recommendations that aligned with these goals.

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A multinational grocer saves over 30% in annual operating costs

Glenbrook helped a major multinational grocer solve both short term issues and develop a long-term strategy to take advantage of current and forecasted industry developments in payments. We explored processing redundancies, expansion of credit acceptance, PCI compliance, and more, and then identified system architecture improvements and helped find a new partner to achieve their goals.

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Glenbrook shares our perspectives on activities in the industry.

Payments Post #14: Wallet World – WWDC, VFC, Tokens, and the Future of the “Card”

Payments Post #13: At the Intersection of Tech, Regs, and Business Partnership

This month, Cici Northup joins regular contributor Justin Pituch to recap positive news in the form of fast payments growth, new fraud mitigation strategies, and evolution in cross-border transfers. All reflect, to varying degrees, the unique dynamic in the payments industry created by the intersection of technology, regulation, and new business partnerships.

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Glenbrook speaks with industry leaders to share a variety of perspectives on the latest payments trends and activities.

Episode 239 – Talking Payments and Politics with Michele Alt and Adam Shapiro, Partners at Klaros Group

In this episode, Yvette Bohanan is joined by Glenbrook Managing Partner Bryan Derman and guests Michele Alt and Adam Shapiro, Partners at the Klaros Group.

The result is a lively discussion about regulators and the impact of the current regulatory environment on banks and fintechs, a topic of utmost relevance in today’s rapidly evolving industry landscape. The economy and all that is at play during a major election year create a fascinating backdrop for this conversation.

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