Glenbrook Payments Boot CampTM workshops help your team understand and apply the innovations shaping the payments industry.

The payments industry is complex and changes fast. Our education programs keep you and your team up to speed.

Payments Education

Payments Boot Camp™

A 12-hour comprehensive overview of the payments industry, from the core systems to the economics, risks, and ceaseless innovation in payments. This live workshop is available virtually or in-person. 

Payments Boot Camp™ Intensive

Get up to speed on the latest payments trends, key concepts, and what they mean in today’s market. This 4-hour intensive virtual workshop is fast-paced, to the point, and structured to fit into a half day. 

Advanced Workshops

Topic-focused “deep dives” covering the latest critical topics, including fintech payments, global payments, digital currencies, and embedded commerce.

Certification Preparation

A 20-hour, 10-week course to assist in preparing professionals who are seeking to obtain the MRC Certified Payments and Fraud Prevention Professional (CPFPP) certification.

Which Workshop Is Right For Me?

I'm new to payments, help me understand the industry.

Who Attends
Anyone new to the world of payments – product and strategy managers, business development professionals, technology executives, investors and analyst, payments and treasury managers, risk managers

What It Is
An introduction to the global payments industry with an emphasis on terminology, key concepts, payments economics, and industry trends

Prerequisites: None

Workshop Duration: 12 Hours

Workshop Format: Virtual: 3 days; In-person: 2 days

Registration Cost: Starts at $2,495 per person

I need a high-level, concise overview of the payments industry.

Who Attends
Startup founders, fintech executives, investors, and busy executives from outside the payments industry

What It Is
A high-level overview of the payments industry structure, power dynamics between players, and how providers are positioned relative to industry trends

Prerequisites: None

Workshop Duration: 4 Hours

Workshop Format: Virtual: 1/2 day; In-person: not offered

Registration Cost: $795 per person

I'm looking to catch up on key trends that are shaping the industry.

Who Attends
Experienced payments professionals who understand industry fundamentals and want Glenbrook’s take on critical issues and their likely impact

What It Is
In-depth “drill down” of one of more leading edge topics in the payment industry based on the ever changing industry landscape

Prerequisites: Payments Boot Camp or Equivalent Industry Experience

Workshop Duration: 6 Hours

Workshop Format: Virtual: 2 days; In-person: 1 day

Registration Cost: $1,395 per person

I'm preparing for the Certified Payments and Fraud Prevention (CPFPP) exam.

Who Attends
Online commerce professionals with hands-on responsibility for payments optimization and fraud prevention

What It Is
In-depth preparation that covers six areas you need to understand to prepare for the CPFPP: payments industry introduction, card payments, A2A payments, payments risk management, back office operations, and payments optimization.

Prerequisites: Workshop: None; Exam: Combination of industry experience and education as specified by the MRC

Workshop Duration: 20 Hours

Workshop Format: Virtual: 2 hours per session; In-person: not offered

Registration Cost: $1,600 per person; $1,200 for MRC Members

Build Your Expertise

On Demand Modules

Recorded, one-hour videos for self-paced learning, covering a broad array of payments concepts from industry basics to trending industry topics.

Glenbrook Press

Comprehensive books to guide your understanding of the core payment systems and innovations shaping the industry.

Train Your Team

Private Payments Boot CampTM

Customized, private Payments Boot Camp workshops tailored to meet your team’s unique needs.

Expand Your Knowledge