Merchant Payments Acceptance

Payments is a strategic function that can differentiate you from your competitors.

Overview of Merchant Payments

A merchant’s payments strategy commonly addresses three core goals:

  1. Increase sales
  2. Lower processing costs
  3. Improve customer experience

To support these goals, we bring expertise to help you answer key questions like:

  • How can we optimize revenue by improving authorization rates and managing chargebacks?
  • Is our tokenization strategy effective? Does our payments architecture support our objectives?
  • How are our payment providers performing? Are we using the right partners?
  • How can we lower processing costs?
  • How are our key payment metrics performing? How could they improve?
  • Is our organization structured effectively for managing payments?

Payments services and user expectations are changing fast. How ready are you?

What are the levers for improvement? What are your competitors doing? What do your customers need and want? What implementation considerations should you be thinking about?

Payments Consulting

We bring deep knowledge of the payments industry to this engagement and a successful track record of assisting both domestic and global merchant clients in a wide range of verticals with strategic and operational concerns, including assistance with their payments strategies, processes, and vendor selection.

Payments Boot CampTM workshops

Count on our education capabilities to bring your team onto the same page about the essentials of payments and the innovations merchants should be paying attention to. 

Recent Engagements

A subscription merchant reduces involuntary churn

A subscription merchant engaged Glenbrook to better understand what tactics they could use to reduce the number of failed payments and to develop more sophisticated KPIs and dashboards to monitor the effect of involuntary churn tactics.

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A large ecommerce platform optimizes its payments strategy

A large ecommerce platform supporting small to medium businesses had grown significantly over the last decade. The company was concerned they had ‘outgrown’ their approach to payments. Glenbrook was asked to help assess the company’s payments strategies, operations, partners, and organization in order to define a more ideal configuration for payments acceptance, reporting, and ongoing management.

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A global omni-channel merchant maximizes retention and growth

A global omni-channel merchant had a number of strategic payments objectives, including 1) increase subscriber growth and retention 2) support international growth 3) maintain redundancy and resiliency and 4) maximize authorization rates. Glenbrook was asked to develop strategic recommendations that aligned with these goals.

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An Independent Software Vendor integrates payments processing into core solution

Over the past several years, the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) market has moved towards a model of integrating payments within their software solutions. An ISV recognized an opportunity to deeply integrate multi-channel Point of Sale and payment processing with their business management system to streamline customer operations and to recognize payments revenue and asked Glenbrook to evaluate the optimal provider configurations and potential partners that would support this objective.

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A multinational grocer saves over 30% in annual operating costs

Glenbrook helped a major multinational grocer solve both short term issues and develop a long-term strategy to take advantage of current and forecasted industry developments in payments. We explored processing redundancies, expansion of credit acceptance, PCI compliance, and more, and then identified system architecture improvements and helped find a new partner to achieve their goals.

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A global insurance company develops a modern, efficient payments strategy

The Glenbrook team leveraged its expertise to help the insurance company create a more efficient and cost-effective payments operation. More specifically, we guided the client toward improvements that ultimately lowered costs and led to an RFP for a payments provider that was better suited to the insurance company’s operations.

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