Payments in Emerging Markets


The payments landscape in developing markets is in upheaval. Technology, regulation, and innovation are creating opportunities as well as strategic challenges.

Regulators are faced with evolving policy agendas, commercial activity, and financial inclusion goals.


Interoperability among competing payments systems has huge benefits, but can be hard to achieve.


Providers must consider the extent to which they are well suited to tackle the regulatory and deployment requirements to an emerging market.


Digital payments bring their own set of fraud vectors, including hard to detect social engineering.


Moving merchants from cash to digital payment acceptance is challenging.

Payments Consulting

The GlenbrookTM team can help you navigate the complex payments landscape in emerging markets. We’ve developed interoperability strategies to integrate mobile money operators and banks in Africa and South America, designed a government collections platform, and conducted assessments to identify emerging markets best suited for market entry.

Payments Boot CampTM workshops

We offer detailed insights on payments trends across the globe. We break down common and unique features of payments aspects in different markets. We emphasize activities and innovations in emerging markets like India, China, Brazil, and Mexico.

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