Digital Currencies

Digital currencies are profoundly changing how people, and nations, transact.

Overview of Digital Currencies


Digital currencies are tokens of value and take multiple forms including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, stablecoins, and central bank digital currencies (CDBCs).


Each digital currency is unique in its design, governance, goals, and capabilities. For example, cryptocurrencies today often act as an investment asset, while stablecoins pegged in value to fiat currencies or other assets lend themselves to payments, and CDBCs are considered an equivalent to traditional fiat


Digital currencies and the concept of “programmable money” have implications for banks, service providers, businesses, individuals, and nation states. Learn about recent developments of pilots and launches happening in the world today.

Glenbrook is on the leading edge of change and innovation in the payments world.

With decades of in-house experience at the world’s major players, it’s our business to know how digital currencies are impacting both the established giants, how the newcomers are making an impact, and how to address each situation.

Payments Consulting

In a fast-evolving, headline-grabbing segment of the payments business, you can trust us for guidance. We use scenario planning, business modeling, and prioritization exercises to ensure approach to digital currencies is future-proof.

Payments Boot CampTM workshops

Our education workshops can bring your team quickly and thoroughly up to speed on latest developments and next steps related to digital currencies, answering questions like:

  • What are incumbents doing to “get in the game”?
  •  How are new entrants defining economic models?
  • What regulations are in place or approaching and how will they impact digital currencies?
  • What use cases will digital currencies most likely impact in the near and long term?

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