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White Paper: A Merchant’s Guide to Assessing 3-D Secure

In this paper, we look deeply at the 3DS standard for card-not-present (CNP) transactions. More specifically, we will explore 3DS’s objectives and history, its advantages and disadvantages for merchants, and the challenges that merchants have encountered implementing the protocol.

Ebook: Merchant Payments Orchestration - A Glenbrook Payments Views Series

In this Ebook, we objectively review the topic of payments orchestration for merchants to decipher what is being offered, in what forms, and by which types of providers. It also explores the benefits of orchestration, whether 3rd party Orchestration Platform solutions are the right choice for all merchants, and the characteristics that promote good fit.

Ebook: Merchant Payments Operations - A Glenbrook Payments Views Series

Embarking down the path of developing your own merchant payment strategy can be daunting. This book includes a series of articles that can help. More specifically, the framework we describe in these articles will help identify areas in your own payments environment where you may need to focus.

Ebook: Glenbrook Perspectives on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Payments Industry

Examine the impact, implications, and responses of stakeholders in the U.S. payments industry to COVID-19.

Infographic - 2023 Faster Payments Barometer

Faster payments is a growing cornerstone of the U.S. payments system. Learn about the latest opportunities and pain points identified by market stakeholders in our latest barometer, co-developed with the Faster Payments Council.

White Paper - Rapid Account Opening

Understand the capabilities that allow financial regulators to promote digital delivery of emergency financial assistance.

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