Cross-border Payments

Cross-border payments are fundamental to international trade, economic development and families. Cross-border payments are increasingly in the spotlight. Headlines about payment flows, new payment services and economic sanctions are commonplace. Still, unaddressed challenges remain. Policymakers, NGOs, thought leaders, and industry participants are signaling a renewed urgency to make these payments faster, more efficient, transparent, and accessible. Fintechs are finding creative ways to improve on existing payments rails. Many opportunities remain to bring cross border payments products and services to specific use cases, including remittance, retail, and business payments. What part will our clients play in this evolution?

Perspectives on Cross-Border Payments


We understand not only the existing challenges with cross-border payments, but the ways companies are currently addressing them, and remaining gaps and opportunities for future innovation


We know that not all cross-border payments are created equal and bring a depth of knowledge on the dynamics, needs, and opportunities for innovating in specific use cases


We have a practical perspective on global development, which we have used to help guide our clients and draft industry guidelines and frameworks for exchange of cross-border payments


We have extensive relationships with industry players and thought leaders that ensures we have always have our pulse on the latest developments

Payments Consulting

We aim to be a trusted and respected partner to our clients who are watching the evolution in cross-border payments, are looking to evaluate and identify the role they can play to innovate products, services, and systems, and seek support in implementing innovations. We have provided this support to a broad range of industry players by identifying opportunities for new solutions in cross-border payments, conducting pricing analysis on consumer remittances, and completing extensive research into latest efforts to innovate payments infrastructure, such as multi-country efforts to integrate instant payments systems to facilitate more efficient cross-border payments, from which we identified industry best practices.

Payments Boot CampTM workshops

We demystify the mysteries and complexities of how cross-border payments operate, highlight innovations introduced by emerging players, point to changes in the underlying payments infrastructures, and provide insights on the latest developments to address cross-border payments pain points. 

Recent Engagements

A global payouts firm enters two new countries

For a global payouts firm, Glenbrook provided a market entry strategy for two different countries, providing a detailed assessment of the local payments market dynamics and regulatory environment, while identifying potential local partners for market entry.

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A payments association gets an interim CEO

Glenbrook provided part-time CEO services for the global industry association, developing rulebooks and an interoperability Framework for the cross-border exchange of ACH and instant payments, new member development and thought leadership.

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