Can you create a payments experience that reinforces customer delight and increases your ROI?

The entertainment industry is made up of multiple, distinct sub-markets. One way to break it down is to consider the content or activity type, for example:


Digital content, inclusive of video streaming and downloads, news access and subscriptions, audio content purchases (i.e., books, stories, music, podcasts), and video games (i.e., game purchases, in-game purchases)


Events , inclusive of events ticketing to sports games , concerts, etc .


Online gaming and betting, inclusive of sports betting, casino games, and other wager-based betting experiences

Another way to consider the market is by the key players, like Consumers, Content Creators, Distributors/Platforms, and Advertisers. In either instance, if you are an organization working within one of these markets, you offer end users access to fun and leisure, and end users have high expectations for related experiences – including payments. As a result, you must take a more systematic and intentional approach to your payments strategy.

Glenbrook supports entertainment companies to address the following common questions


How should our payments strategy support our growth strategy?


How should we support tokenization, if at all?


What fraud vectors should we be most concerned about and how do we best mitigate those?


What is the optimal team configuration to support our payments strategy?


What is the optimal architecture to support our objectives?


Are we using the right payments partners?


What orchestration approaches are most meaningful to us?


Are we exposed to churn risk? If so, how do we best manage it?

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Payments Post #12: Lessons from Change

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