Payments in Healthcare

Implementing a payments strategy that fits your organization’s needs while following strict industry requirements can be a challenge, but the right partner can help you answer key questions and make data-driven decisions.


Healthcare organizations must effectively navigate complex payments ecosystems.

Hospitals and other healthcare providers must overcome a number of challenges when creating and implementing a payments strategy: managing ‘money in’ and ‘money out’ use cases, accepting a variety of payment methods, dealing with multiple payers (insurance, government, and individuals), and so on. 

Organizations must build long-term, scalable solutions.

On top of the complexities of payments, organizations must also thoroughly understand and manage their strategy within an ever-changing industry — dealing with external factors like:

  • Regulatory Mandates
  • Escalating Costs
  • Data-Privacy Rules (HIPAA, etc.)
  • Economic Changes
  • An Aging Population 
  • Evolving & Modernizing Patient Preferences
  • Increasing Numbers of Uninsured Patients

How We Can Help

Glenbrook can help answer questions like:


How do we optimize our payments acceptance strategy?


What should we outsource vs. take on in-house?


What organizational structure and capabilities best support our goals?


What are industry trends that may impact our payments strategy?


What is the role of B2B networks in healthcare?


What payment methods should we accept? Where can we leverage virtual cards?


How do we manage such a large roster of suppliers?


What vendors could we work with, and which ones should we work with?


How do we optimize payments sending strategy?

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Claims Clearing Houses

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Related Services


We can help healthcare organizations make data-driven decisions through in-depth interviews, custom surveys, and mixed-method approaches.

Product Strategy

We can help healthcare organizations assess and develop their payments product roadmap and recommend partners and vendors that would be most suitable.

Market Analysis

Even the most innovative payments products are doomed to fail without product-market fit, and that applies to healthcare payments, too. We help healthcare organizations evaluate key markets and establish a go-to-market strategy that will be most successful for the product and the business.

Training / Education

If you’re implementing new systems and processes within your payments ecosystem or want to get more efficient within your existing environment, it’s important that your team understands payments within a healthcare context. Glenbrook can design a customized workshop for any team that could benefit from some extra payments knowledge in their day-to-day roles.

Healthcare Case Studies

A practice management solution evaluates embedded finance

A software company offering practice management solutions to medical practices was interested in integrating payments and pursuing a Payment Facilitator model. They asked Glenbrook to provide an economic, technical, and operational roadmap for its journey into payment facilitation.

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