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Glenbrook’s popular Payments Boot Camp® is a thorough overview of the payments industry, from the fundamentals to what’s new and on the horizon. It’s a fast-paced, focused, and fun way to get smart about payments.

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“Over 90% of attendees say the Payments Boot Camp® is ‘great’ – and say that it will increase their effectiveness on the job.”

– Russ Jones, Partner and Payments Education Program Manager, Glenbrook Partners, LLC

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Glenbrook’s agenda is structured to ensure that you understand how the industry works as a whole. We emphasize the economics – so that you understand how money is made in the industry, and by whom.


Payments Systems Overview

  • Industry definitions, payments domains
  • Key concepts – open/closed, push/pull, chain of liability
  • How payments systems differ
  • Risk in payments
  • Payments systems economics

Perspectives on Users and Providers

  • End-User perspectives – Consumers, Businesses
  • Provider perspectives – Banks, Networks, Processors, PSPs
  • Other constituents – Regulators

Core Systems

  • Cards – Core concepts, value chains, transaction flow, technology, economics
  • Checks – Value chain, checking imaging, remote deposit capture, volume trend
  • ACH – Value chain, transaction flow, direct debit risk model, volume, and trends
  • Wires – Value chain, economics, major players, and trends
  • Fast Payments – Processing model and components, Zelle vs RTP vs FedNow
  • Cash – Usage trends, ATM networks, and digital currencies

Global Payments

  • Local country payments systems – models, common elements, variables
  • Cross-border payments – international wires; cross-border card processing

Payments Domains

  • Domain overview, monetization strategies, key trends for each domain
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Remote Commerce
  • Bill Pay
  • Person to Person (P2P)
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Income

Fintech Innovation

  • Market drivers, building blocks and key trends

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“The Payments Boot Camp® has done an amazing job at giving me a broader understanding of the payments industry in an easy to digest and engaging format.”

– Tessa Dill Money Solutions Specialist – Payments, Shopify

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