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Advanced Workshops

Fintech Payments


Digital Payments – 1:30 Hours 

Digital Payments Building Blocks

  • Introduction and key characteristics
  • Digital payments use cases
  • NFC vs QR Codes

Tokenization Fundamentals

  • EMVCo tokenization vs merchant tokenization
  • Tokenization stakeholders, roles, and responsibilities
  • Wallet tokenization, tokens on file, in-browser tokenization

Digital Payments State of Market

  • Wallet evolution and Super Apps
  • Token provisioning alternatives


Fast Payments – 1:30 Hours

 Fast Payments Building Blocks

  • Key characteristics and global rollout
  • Similarities and differences by market
  • State of Play in United States

Fast Payments Overlay Services

  • Definitions and concepts; variation around the world
  • Overlay categories – Mobile, RtP, QR Codes, Directories, etc.
  • Examples – FPS (UK), NPP (AU), UPI (IN)

Request to Pay (RtP)

  • RtP key concepts and use cases
  • RtP with manual payment vs RtP with Autopay
  • Examples – PayTo (AU), UPI (IN), RTP (US)

Spotlight – PIX (Brazil)


Digital Currency – 1:30 Hours


  •    Key attributes
  •    Use cases in payments
  •    Regulation and risk

CBDC Update

  •    Key concepts in Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
  •    Tradeoffs in CBDC Design
  •    What We’re Watching in CBDC

Incumbent Strategies

  • Visa and Mastercard in Digital Currency
  • Wallets – PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Alipay, WeChat Pay
  • Role of SWIFT


Global Payments – 1:30 Hours

Domestic Payments in Key Regions

  •    Alipay (China)
  •   M-Pesa (Kenya)
  •   SEPA (Europe)


  •    SWIFT evolution and strategic direction
  •    SWIFT gpi overview, key features, and adoption

Cross-Border Fast Payments

  •    SWIFT gpi Instant
  •    Immediate Cross-Border Payments (IXB)
  •    BIS Project Nexus


Wrap Up & Q&A

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