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January 26, 2022

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October 25, 2021

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Why the QR Code Become Ubiquitous in India

The Economic Times

“The popularity of QR codes soared after payment companies (and other fintech players) started using it in conjunction with UPI, an instant payment system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Startups like Paytm and PhonePe revolutionised its use in peer-to-peer payments. This trend started right after demonetisation in 2016, and gathered deeper roots around Covid-19, when people were apprehensive of exchanging currency notes.”

October 6, 2021

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September 2, 2021

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August 27, 2021

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UnionPay App Recognizes WeChat QR Code in Latest Interoperability Push · TechNode


“UnionPay app users are now able to scan WeChat QR codes to make payments. WeChat does not currently make payments to UnionPay QR codes, instead suggesting the user download another app in a TechNode test Wednesday. Different payments providers have previously required customers to scan different codes. This integration is the latest step toward interoperability for Chinese mobile payments, which fintech regulators have encouraged in recent years.”

August 24, 2021

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The Numbers Hiding Behind That QR Code

Wall Street Journal

“I have cautiously resumed dining in restaurants occasionally, and so have found myself scanning QR codes to access the menu online. It’s a quick and easy process hiding a surprisingly large amount of math. QR stands for Quick Response, and these codes were invented in 1994 by Masahiro Hara at the Japanese automotive company Denso Wave. Their original purpose was to track inventory in factories, but broader uses became possible with the advent and ubiquity of smartphones. QR codes are essentially a two-dimensional version of bar codes, which are a clever way of encoding information in an image using vertical lines of different thicknesses that a scanner can detect.”

August 23, 2021

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Blackhawk Network Introduces Scan-to-Buy Live Entertainment And Amusement Ticket Purchasing In US Retailers

“As live entertainment and amusement parks begin to make a comeback, Blackhawk Network has launched a contactless ticket purchasing solution for entertainment brands and retailers. This innovation makes it even easier for consumers to purchase tickets to their favorite theme parks, concerts and live events in the retail locations where they regularly shop. Blackhawk is leveraging its proprietary ScanIt solution to enable QR ticket purchasing in retail. This QR code technology enables merchants to engage with customers at multiple touchpoints within the physical retail environment.”

July 26, 2021

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QR Codes Are Here to Stay. So Is the Tracking They Allow.

The New York Times

“QR codes — essentially a kind of bar code that allows transactions to be touchless — have emerged as a permanent tech fixture from the coronavirus pandemic. Restaurants have adopted them en masse, retailers including CVS and Foot Locker have added them to checkout registers, and marketers have splashed them all over retail packaging, direct mail, billboards and TV advertisements.”

July 7, 2021

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LawPay Expands Legal Contactless Payments for Attorneys With QR Codes

“LawPay, the leading online payment solution for legal professionals, expanded its features to release QR codes for immediate use by attorneys to accept and receive payments. These new custom payment QR codes are available for use by all LawPay customers as an easy way for their clients to pay digitally by simply scanning the QR code on an invoice to save time and increase cash flow for the firms.”

June 29, 2021

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This QR Code Startup Just Raised $5 Million Co-led by Coatue and Seven Seven Six


“Amazon revolutionized one-click shopping, and it has a nearly $2 trillion market cap to show for the effort. Now, a 10-person startup founded by JD Maresco, who previously cofounded the public safety app Citizen, says it plans to make it a lot easier for retailers who sell directly to their customers to make re-ordering their products just as fast and simple through its QR codes. Indeed, Maresco’s new startup, Batch , is already working with numerous products and brands that use Shopify, promising their customers “one-tap checkout” when it’s time to re-order an item as long as the retailer has slapped one of Batch’s codes on their items or incorporated the codes directly into their packaging.”

June 24, 2021

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Thai and Malaysian Central Banks Roll Out Real-time Cross-border QR Payments


“Consumers from Thailand can now make instant cross-border QR code-based payments for goods and services to merchants in Malaysia from their mobile payments app using a service being launched by the Bank of Thailand and Bank Negara Malaysia . The two central banks have enabled the service by linking the real-time retail payments platforms DuitNow in Malaysia and PromptPay in Thailand and plan to let consumers from Malaysia make cross-border payments to merchants in Thailand by scanning a QR code with their mobile device later this year.”

June 11, 2021

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Messenger Adds Venmo-like QR Codes for Person-to-person Payments in the US


“This spring, Facebook confirmed it was testing Venmo-like QR codes for person-to-person payments inside its app in the U.S. Today, the company announced those codes are now launching publicly to all U.S. users, allowing anyone to send or request money through Facebook Pay — even if they’re not Facebook friends. The QR codes work similarly to those found in other payment apps, like Venmo. The feature can be found under the “Facebook Pay” section in Messenger’s settings, accessed by tapping on your profile icon at the top left of the screen. Here, you’ll be presented with your personalized QR code which looks much like a regular QR code except that it features your profile icon in the middle.”

May 24, 2021

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QR Codes And Digital Wallets Are Gaining Popularity Fast Among Consumers

Digital Transactions

“Quick Response codes are one of the many payment options to flourish as consumers embrace digital and contactless payments in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, says a report from Blackhawk Network Inc.  Of the 13,000 respondents surveyed across nine countries representing nearly half of the world’s card-payment volume, 18% say they used a QR code or barcode for payment for the first time during the pandemic, and 40% say they are using them more frequently. The technology is also catching the attention of consumers who do not use the technology, with 30% of non-users saying they are interested in using QR codes or barcodes for payment.”

May 19, 2021

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German Supermarket to Trial Anonymous Checkout-free Shopping


“Customers at a supermarket in the German city of Cologne owned by retail giant Rewe will soon be able to enter the store by scanning a QR code, selecting the items they wish to buy and paying for them from their mobile phone without needing to scan their purchases or use a checkout. The supermarket in the city’s Zeppelinstrasse is trialling a system that links each customer anonymously to a unique ID number on entry, tracks the items they take from the shelves using a combination of ceiling-mounted cameras and shelf sensors, and automatically charges them for their purchases as they exit the store.”

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SafetyPay Launches QR Codes for Real Time Payments in Brazil

SafetyPay , the leading digital alternative payments platform providing solutions across Latin America and Europe, today announces the implementation of PIX as a payment method in the Brazilian Market to bring instant payments to life using QR codes. SafetyPay will facilitate the transfer and payments from any mobile phone in real time, 24/7, including holidays and weekends. This payment method will facilitate payments in Brazil occurring in real-time with simple and fast transactions. SafetyPay’s solution will allow non-credit card holders and fraud-wary consumers to use PIX, a QR code containing all the customers’ banking information without sharing additional information online and pay for goods are services around Brazil. The inclusion of PIX expands the opportunity to complete instant payments at any date or time to pay for goods and services to over 200 million people.”

May 14, 2021

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How EMVCo Is Supporting the Rising Use of QR Codes for Payments – EMVCo

“Advances in technology are making secure card payments possible in new ways – whether online or face-to-face. EMV® Specifications have evolved beyond the original EMV Chip Specification to support a wide range of technologies for card-based payments, including contactless, mobile, tokenisation and QR Codes™. Increasingly, QR Codes are used to initiate mobile payments at the point-of-sale. They are rising in popularity as they are one emerging solution that can enable contact-free payments.”

May 11, 2021

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Munich Airport – First Airport in Europe With Integrated PayPal QR Code


“Munich Airport becomes the first airport in Europe to introduce PayPal QR Code – a mobile and cash-free payment system – in all stores and businesses of the Eurotrade retail subsidiary…The new QR code will be seamlessly integrated into the processes of existing check-out systems including accounting. The payment process for this is as secure as it is uncomplicated: if customers would like to pay, they open the QR code in the PayPal app on their smartphone and show it to the cashier. The cashier scans the code and the amount to be paid is shown directly in the app. Next, customers select their preferred payment method stored in their PayPal account – for example bank account or credit card – and confirm the payment on their smartphone. Customers as well as cashiers immediately receive a confirmation of the successful transaction.”

May 7, 2021

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Bux Bringing You More Cashless Payments Options With QR Payments

Manila Standard

“Bux, UBX’s embeddable end-to-end payment platform, launches universal QR payments enabling over 100,000 Bux merchants to accept payment with just a scan from their customers’ mobile devices…With a universal QR code that is digital, printable, and customizable, Bux provides its merchants a significant advantage—a much easier way for customers to pay digitally, even in physical locations, by just using the camera of a customer’s mobile phone. This means, less hassle for merchants, greater safety, and flexible options for their customers when it comes to payments.”

April 28, 2021

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Are You Sure About the Safety of That QR Code?


“It is predicted that by 2022, over five billion QR codes will have been scanned or accessed by mobile devices.  A QR code is an additional form of contactless communication that, once scanned, either relays information or directs an individual to another online source, website or application. QR code adoption has increased with the contactless way of life that many of us have had to adjust to, especially during the worldwide pandemic.”

April 27, 2021

On the wires

Merchants Can Offer More Touch-free Ways to Pay As Fiserv Brings PayPal and Venmo QR Code Payments to the Point of Sale

Fiserv, Inc. (NASDAQ: FISV), a leading global provider of payments and financial services technology solutions, is enabling businesses of all sizes across a range of industries to support in-demand digital payment options and expand their touch-free payment capabilities via a new relationship with PayPal. Small and mid-sized businesses using Clover ® and large enterprises leveraging the Carat omnichannel commerce ecosystem from Fiserv will be able to accept payment via PayPal and Venmo through QR codes presented at the point of sale. Consumers will be able to initiate payment by scanning the QR code with their PayPal or Venmo app, and will receive a digital receipt.”

April 16, 2021

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Restaurant payment app secures Europe’s largest seed-funding round


“More than 1,000 restaurants and hotels have signed up to the app, including Corbin & King, owners of the Wolseley and Delaunay in London, Four Charles Prime Rib in New York and the Hoxton chain, which runs nine hotels across Europe and the US. It involves customers scanning a QR code on their table to pay the bill without having to catch the attention of waiting staff or take time over credit card machines.”

QR Code Payment Link Formed Between Thailand and Vietnam

QR Code Press

“The Bank of Thailand and the State Bank of Vietnam have launched a new QR code payment link between the two countries to allow cross-border transactions. The QR code payment link will allow for cross-border payments to take place . Moreover, it will make it possible for the two countries to be able to use their local currencies with each other. Through this new connection, the financial markets in both countries are expected to be able to see enhanced capital flow. It is also expected to provide the regional economies with meaningful stimulus.”

April 15, 2021

On the wires

Netstars Raises JPY6.6 Billion From Investors Including KKR, SIG and LUN Partners | NETSTARS CO., LTD

“Netstars Co., Ltd. (“Netstars” or the “Company”), the operator of Japan’s largest QR code payment gateway, today announced the completion of a JPY6.6 billion funding round. The round, which was made through a combination of a capital infusion and the allotment of new shares, includes a JPY4 billion investment made from funds managed by global investment firm KKR. SIG and LUN Partners also participated in the round. Headquartered in Tokyo and led by CEO Tsuyoshi Ri, Netstars is a payments aggregator and a FinTech company. The Company operates StarPay, Japan’s leading payments aggregation solution which integrates a variety of payment providers into a single device or software platform, allowing for efficient point-of-sale processing for consumers across multiple payment apps.”

April 6, 2021

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Facebook Confirms ‘test’ of Venmo-like QR Codes for Person-to-person Payments in U.S.


“Facebook confirms it’s testing a new QR code feature and payment links for use with Facebook Pay to make it easier for people in the U.S. to send or request money from one another. The QR code feature, similar to Venmo’s QR codes and others, will allow a user to scan a friend’s code with their smartphone’s camera to send or request money, while the sharable payment links will let you publish your payment address outside of Facebook itself. The addition was first spotted on Monday by MacRumors , which noted that users were being presented with a new “Scan” button in the Facebook Pay carousel at the top of the screen.”

March 3, 2021

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National QR Payments and Rewards System to Be Launched in Australia


“Australia’s Eftpos national debit card system is to launch a QR code-enabled mobile payments and rewards network that will enable “seamless payment experiences across ecommerce, mobile and point of sale”. The low-cost solution will work “by generating unique QR codes containing transaction details that are captured on a consumer’s mobile phone, initiating a secure digital wallet payment that is seamlessly integrated with the merchant’s loyalty service provider,” Eftpos says.”

March 2, 2021

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PayPal Is Moving Aggressively To In-Store Contactless Payments Tapping A $19B Opportunity


“The digital wallet that allows contactless payment is rapidly becoming the payment method of choice thanks to its greater convenience. No self-respecting Millennial or GenZ consumer would be without one. Cowen Equity Research found that 70% of consumers surveyed last year planned to use more digital payment offerings post Covid-19. But it’s not just younger consumers. Everybody is leaning into the contactless payment lifestyle due to pandemic-induced heighten awareness of touching dirty surfaces.”

February 18, 2021

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Revolut to Roll Out QR Code Payments for Business Customers in 25 Countries – AltFi


“Taking one step closer to becoming a ‘financial super app’, Revolut is rolling out QR codes for its business customers. From today, Revolut’s business customers across 25 countries will be able to take in-person, socially-distanced payments via a QR code. The touch-free payment method allows for instant payments, with small business owners able to see if a payment has been successful right away.”

February 8, 2021

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Will the Pandemic Finally Get Americans to Embrace QR Codes?


“QR codes, or quick response codes, were invented in 1994 by Masahiro Hara, an engineer who worked in Japan’s auto industry, with the goal of tracking vehicles and parts during the manufacturing process. Instead of typing in a tedious URL, scan a small black-and-white label with your phone to instantly pull up a website or app. In the years that followed, other sectors, including advertising, marketing, and online payment services, adopted their usage.”

January 27, 2021

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Vistaprint and PayPal Bring QR Code Touch-free Payments to Small Businesses

“Vistaprint, the marketing and design partner to small businesses, today announced a collaboration with PayPal to bring innovative and safe touch-free payment solutions to small businesses across the country. Touch-free payments allow small business owners to process payments for goods and services without having to handle cash or credit cards, and avoiding physical contact with customers during the transaction. Through this collaboration, Vistaprint is enabling customers to leverage PayPal’s touch-free payment solution through a collection of customizable Vistaprint marketing products bearing their unique QR code.”

January 4, 2021

On the web

In 2020, QR Codes Finally Became Cool

Modern Retail

“The quick response (QR) code has become one of the biggest symbols of the pandemic.  According to the latest Juniper Research report, some 5.3 billion QR code coupons will be redeemed by smartphones by 2022. This figure has been greatly boosted by the steep rise in QR code usage. And according to Statista, by the end of this year, an estimated 11 million households will scan a QR code.”

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