Elizabeth McQuerry

Elizabeth McQuerry is a Partner at Glenbrook and leads the firm’s Global Payments Practice. She has over 15 years of experience helping to develop new payments products for cross-border remittances and P2P, global payouts, government collections and disbursements. She also supports efforts to develop new payment schemes from concept to implementation, helping to develop business requirements and business plans, as well as draft governance frameworks and rulebooks.

Elizabeth is a frequent contributor to projects focusing on payments system interoperability at the national level as well as cross-border bilateral contracts and regional interoperability schemes. She often supports efforts to grow emerging payment ecosystems and to interconnect mobile and traditional payment schemes.

From mid-2015 through 2018, Elizabeth served as CEO of the International Payments Framework Association (IPFA). In this role, she led the IPFA in simplifying the exchange of cross-border payments. The IPFA Framework developed the first Rulebook for cross-border and cross-currency Instant Payments (real time). The IPFA also has a Non-Urgent (bulk) payment rulebook, utilizing the same set of harmonized ISO 20022 messages.

Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, she is a frequent contributor to projects in Africa and Latin America. Elizabeth also serves as a meeting and workshop facilitator and leads groups as they work through difficult problems to reach a working consensus.

Previously, Elizabeth worked as the head of FedGlobal ACH Payments for the Federal Reserve Retail Payments Office where she was responsible for developing the program’s strategic direction, new product development, connecting to global partners, and its market outreach program.