Elizabeth McQuerry

Elizabeth McQuerry

On some level it’s hard to fathom that there is room in the market for so many specialized cross-border payments companies. Certainly some will fail and others will be bought out and their technology incorporated into bigger platforms. On another level, it makes perfect sense that these more specialized companies are present precisely because they are better at narrowly focused solutions. Not every payment is like every other payment.
— Local Knowledge, Global Payments -- Payments Views, Oct 2012

Elizabeth McQuerry has over a decade of experience in developing global payments services. She has worked extensively in retail payments focusing on international remittances, P2P, business, and government payments with a focus on the interconnection of disparate systems.

As the head of FedGlobal ACH Payments for the Federal Reserve Retail Payments Office, Elizabeth was responsible for developing the program’s strategic direction, new product development, and market outreach program. In this role she worked closely with central banks throughout Latin America. 

Starting in mid 2015, Elizabeth became the CEO of the International Payments Framework Association (IPFA). In this role, she leads the IPFA in simplifying the exchange of cross-border payments. 

The IPFA Process includes a Rulebook and standardized formats (ISO 20022) that will soon encompass Instant Payments (real time) in addition to Non Urgent (bulk) payments. 

At Glenbrook, Elizabeth often supports clients seeking to connect mobile and traditional payment solutions outside the U.S., including developing rules to enable interoperability among different payment systems. She is a frequent contributor to projects focusing on payments systems in Africa and Latin America. 


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