Private Workshops

A private workshop is a fast way to get the members of your team on the same page. Glenbrook can combine a workshop with a strategy brainstorming session to explore ideas raised during the workshop. — Carol Coye Benson

Need training specifically for your team? A private workshop is a time and cost efficient way to get your team smart about payments and aligned around how the industry works.

  • Glenbrook customizes every agenda for a private workshop - varying content, depth, breadth, and assumed level of knowledge for the group. We work with you to design your own agenda to cover the most important topics to your team. The starting point for your private workshop can be our Payments Boot Camp, one of our Payments Insight Workshops, or a topic of your own choosing.

  • Clients often combine a private workshop with a Glenbrook-led strategy session to develop an approach to a particularly challenging payments problem.

Cost and Logistics

Private workshops are available in two-day, one-and-a-half day, and one-day formats. Fees are per session, rather than per seat, so your company may have as many attendees as you like. If you want to encourage interaction during the session, we recommend keeping the group under 40.

Attending Companies


TD Bank


Western Union


Global Payments


American Express