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March 24, 2023

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Visa Boosts Offer for Brazilian Fintech Pismo to $1.4B - Report

Seeking Alpha

"Visa has upped its offer for Pismo, a cloud-based banking and payments platform for banks, to $1.4B from its original offer of $1B, Valor Economico reported, citing two people familiar with the matter. In Brazil, Pismo, which is backed by Amazon and SoftBank, provides cloud infrastructure for banks such as Itaú , BTG+, Pactual's retail platform and part of Citi. It has been expanding globally, most recently into India and Singapore. Valor reported that Visa is in competition with at least one other potential party."

March 21, 2023

On the wires

Visa Defines New Era of How Money Travels Abroad


Remittances are not only a lifeline for millions of migrant workers and their families, they are also vitally important for the prosperity of many developing economies around the world. As the amount of global remittance inflows continues to reach new records1, 53% of surveyed consumers are turning to digital apps to send and receive funds around the world. Visa today unveiled its “Money Travels: 2023 Digital Remittances Adoption” research report, a survey of over 14,000 consumers across ten countries, revealing that digital remittances are quickly becoming the most popular way to move money internationally, when compared to going to a physical bank or branch (34%); sending cash, checks or money orders by mail (12%); or giving money to another person who is traveling to their home country (11%).

March 17, 2023

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Visa, MasterCard $5.6 Billion Settlement with Retailers is Upheld


"A federal appeals court on Wednesday upheld a $5.6 billion antitrust class-action settlement with more than 12 million retailers that accused Visa Inc and MasterCard Inc of improperly fixing credit and debit card fees. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan rejected claims that a class action should not have been certified because of confusion over who deserved compensation, and that the $523 million of legal fees awarded to the retailers' lawyers was too high."

Collaboration of MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal, among others, Expected to Result in a Massive 18.15% Growth for In-Vehicle Payments Market Between 2022-2031

PR Newswire

"BIS Research, the global leader in providing market intelligence on deep technologies, has released its latest study titled In-Vehicle Payments Market - A Global and Regional Analysis. According to this study, the recent surge in the adoption of in-vehicle payment services across developed economies and their growing global awareness is shifting automakers' focus to equip their upcoming models with the in-vehicle payment system. A prominent example of this is that well-known automakers, including Honda, General Motors, Mercedes, and others, have already begun to offer payment services in recent years."

March 15, 2023

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Card Payments Overtake Cash Usage in Singapore: Visa Study


"Card payments (97%) have overtaken cash (82%) to become the most-used payment method in Singapore, according to the latest edition of Visa’s Consumer Payment Attitudes Study1. The study revealed that more than 95 per cent of Singapore consumers use credit or debit cards for payment, a consistent trend across generations from Baby Boomers to Gen Z."

March 9, 2023

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Amex, Mastercard, Visa Pause Work on New Firearms Merchant Code


Top payment networks including American Express Co , Mastercard Inc and Visa Inc said on Thursday they have paused work on implementing a new sales code for gun merchants, citing Republican pushback in various U.S. states on concerns about improper tracking of consumer behavior. The Geneva-based International Organization for Standardization (ISO) approved the new merchant category code (MCC) in September to help detect suspicious firearms and ammunition sales to combat gun violence. Bills in several Republican-led states would bar or limit the use of the voluntary code.

March 8, 2023

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Navigating a New Era in Payments (Visa Study)


"Consumer Payment Attitudes Study 2022: The past year has been one of transition. Economies have been building on momentum created by theacceleration of digital payments usage during the pandemic, as consumers and businesses are pulled into an increasingly hyper-digitalised world. With more ways to pay, and more places for commerce to happen, the digital economy in Southeast Asia is projected to hit USD1 trillion by 20301."

March 6, 2023

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Can you Spot a Scam? New Visa Study Finds a Third of Canadians Have Fallen for Fraud More Than Once


Canadians are transacting digitally more than ever before. Quick, frictionless, real-time payments have created many benefits for consumers, but this has also created a wider landscape for fraudsters (also known as “threat actors”). As personal information is digitized, consumers are at increased risk of being targeted by threat actors seeking to get a hold valuable information. Visa developed a linguistic analysis called, “The Language of Fraud,” to reveal how language is used by scammers and understand the risks and vulnerabilities Canadian consumers experience during fraud attempts.  According to the report, threat actors craft messages designed take advantage of consumer willingness to trust too-good-to-be-true texts and emails.

On the wires

F5 Announces Partnership with Visa to Empower Merchants to Create a Secure, Personalized, and Seamless Online Experience


"F5 today announced it is partnering with Visa, the world leader in digital payments, to help merchants securely reduce login friction for customers... Now, through F5 and Visa’s collaboration, merchants can provide their customers a seamless, secure, and personalized shopping experience. F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence uses artificial intelligence and behavior analytics to securely recognize returning customers, eliminating their need to log in with a username and password. Customer recognition at the beginning of the customer journey now enables customer personalization and reduces the inefficiency of guest checkout."

March 2, 2023

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January 27, 2023

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Visa, Mastercard Pin Hopes on China Reopening as Travel Boom Fades


Mastercard Inc  and Visa Inc will rely on China reopening to give travel spending a boost, Wall Street analysts said, as the pace of growth in other parts of the world eases from a post-pandemic boom. Executives at the payments companies on Thursday pointed to further room for travel recovery in China, which earlier this month reopened its borders after dropping its stringent COVID-19 control measures.

January 24, 2023

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Visa to Power Digital Tipping with eTip Partnership

Business Travel News

Digital tipping platform eTip is partnering with Visa to speed up the process and adoption of its tool, the company announced. The platform enables guests at hotels and other service industry customers to tip housekeepers, bellhops, valet attendants and other staff with their digital wallet or credit card, including corporate cards. Guests can scan a QR code or NFC tag—or some hotels opt to send the tipping information via text—and can provide their payment information, eTip CEO Nicolas Cassis said. With the new Visa collaboration, eTip can use the Visa rails so that the tip payments can go immediately into the employees' digital wallets, he said.

January 20, 2023

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January 19, 2023

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India May Give Visa and Mastercard Access to Its Payments Market

CTM File

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is reportedly drawing up plans to link credit cards issued by Visa and Mastercard to the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), the country's popular online payments protocol. According to news portal The Morning Context, two industry executives have said that the central bank will decide before April. A decision in favour of the two US companies would mark a distinct change in; as Bloomberg comments: “India’s dealings with American card networks has been frosty.

January 5, 2023

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Why the FTC Isolated Mastercard With Its Pre-Christmas Consent Order

Digital Transactions

“When the Federal Trade Commission announced two days before Christmas it had leveled a preliminary consent order against Mastercard Inc. to correct what the agency saw as roadblocks the card company had erected against routing online debit transactions to competing networks, the move may have surprised at least some observers. The surprise lay not in what the FTC had to say, but in what it omitted: the order left out Visa Inc., Mastercard’s main rival and a company the Commission had identified only two months earlier as a fellow actor in blocking debit routing to other networks.”

December 21, 2022

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December 20, 2022

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Visa Dreams Up Plans to Let You Auto-Pay Bills From Your Crypto Wallet


“Crypto-users may one day be able to automatically pay their electricity and telephone bills through their self-custodial crypto wallets, according to payments giant Visa. In a Dec. 20 blog post, Visa’s crypto thought leadership team proposed a solution that would allow providers to automatically “pull” funds from users’ Ethereum-powered crypto wallets, without requiring the user to manually sign off on every transaction.”

December 16, 2022

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Visa Launches New Cybersecurity Measures (Thailand)

The Economic Times

“Visa, the global provider of digital payments, has implemented a series of new payment security measures in Thailand to help fight cybercrime, protect the payments ecosystem, and keep consumers and businesses safe. The new security measures are part of Visa’s updated “Security Roadmap for Thailand”, which is designed to provide enhanced protection for transactions made online and at physical retailers, according to Pipavin Sodprasert, country manager for Visa Thailand.”

December 14, 2022

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Visa Pledges to Invest $1 Billion in Africa to Accelerate Digital Transformation


“During the U.S-Africa Business Forum, Visa announced a pledge to invest $1 billion in Africa over the next five years to advance resilient, innovative, and inclusive economies across the continent. Visa’s expanded investments demonstrate the company’s long-term commitment to Africa’s growth potential and will help enable greater access to digital payments as an entry point for expanding formal financial services for individuals and merchants. Visa Chairman and CEO Alfred F. Kelly, Jr. outlined the pledge during the US-Africa Business Forum, alongside the US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, DC. The pledge will further scale Visa’s operations in Africa, and deepen collaboration with strategic partners including governments, financial institutions, mobile network operators, fintechs and merchants. The investments will also focus on strengthening the payment ecosystem through new innovations and technologies, supporting digitization of economies, and investing in upskilling, talent development and capacity building.”

On the wires

Highnote Expands Platform Capabilities by Certifying with Visa’s Fleet Payments Solutions

GlobeNewswire News Room

“Highnote, a modern, fully cloud-native card issuance and program management platform, today announces further expansion of its collaboration with Visa, a world leader in digital payments, which includes certification as a Visa card issuer processor under Visa’s fleet management solutions. Through this collaboration, digital companies focused on serving the fleet management ecosystem can now enhance their product offering by issuing Visa fleet and fuel cards that contain more definite product category level controls, more detailed data, and the ability to obtain data more quickly for real-time business decisions, building a new generation of payment rails for the fleet vertical. The fleet and fuel management sector saw explosive innovation in the years following the height of the pandemic, with venture capital funding for startups in the sector almost doubling between 2020 and 20222. A rapidly growing new generation of innovative fleet-focused software platforms have emerged, solving challenges from managing fleet operations to road-freight marketplaces.”

December 13, 2022

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Visa: ZELF Launches Anonymous Debit Card Eligible for Crypto Top-Up

The Cryptonomist

“Visa is once again involved in launching an anonymous debit card eligible for crypto top-ups, thanks to a project by ZELF, a US-based fintech company. The card currently supports USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT) and Ethereum (ETH). ZELF, a US fintech company, has launched its new Visa anonymous debit card that can be topped up with cryptocurrencies.  This is an “anonymous” card, in that users who open a ZELF account only need to provide their name, email and phone number to use it. There is no need to provide any social security number or proof of address like opening a bank account. At the moment, the new Visa debit card supports USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT) and Ethereum (ETH), but ZELF said it plans to add support for 20 more tokens by the end of the year. By choosing the Visa circuit, ZELF’s new card will be able to be used at any of Visa’s 80 million payment points worldwide and thus be topped up through crypto or even traditional electronic payments.”

November 29, 2022

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Visa and GoHenry Announce Global Partnership to Accelerate Financial Education for Children and Teens


“Visa announced a seven-year global partnership with GoHenry, the prepaid card and financial education app for 6-to 18-year-olds. Visa will provide support as the exclusive global network partner for GoHenry’s prepaid cards for kids and teens in the US, UK, and Europe. GoHenry helped expand a new category in youth finance 10 years ago with a simple mission: to make every kid smart with money. Since then, with Visa’s support, GoHenry has helped transform financial education for kids, teens, and their parents. The GoHenry financial education app and prepaid card help young people learn about money through several categories including earning, saving, spending responsibly, and charitable giving. The app also enables parents to guide their child’s progress with features like real-time updates and customizable controls.”

November 17, 2022

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Visa Brings Innovative Payment Experiences to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™


“As the world awaits kick-off of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, Visa, the Official Payment Technology Partner of FIFA, has readied a payments network that will enable contactless purchases throughout all official venues, including eight stadiums and the FIFA Fan Festival™. With more than one million fans expected to travel to Qatar for the tournament, Visa has installed 5,300 contactless-enabled payment terminals at official FIFA venues, making FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ the most payment-enabled FIFA tournament ever. Visa will also trial new payment innovations to give fans easy access to simple and secure digital ways to pay. The FIFA World Cup™ provides a global stage for Visa to showcase and test new technologies, enhance the fan experience and leave a lasting impression on the host country. Visa will bring a number of digital payment solutions to Qatar, including several limited pilots to demonstrate how future Visa payment solutions may come to life: Pay with Your Face; Card Art Gets Animated; Accepting Payments Gets Simpler for SMBs; Tap to Ride Around Doha”

November 16, 2022

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Think You Know How to Spot a Scam? New Visa Report Finds That Even Savvy Consumers Get Tripped Up by the Language of Fraud


It’s not your imagination. Digital scams are everywhere in our daily lives. And as the holiday season approaches, fraudsters are counting on you to let your guard down and take the bait. Whether in the workplace or on the go, we’re peppered by phone, text and email with offers for “free gifts” and traps to “act now” to supply personal information before a vital service gets cut off. And this barrage of “fraudulese” is working.

A new research report out today from Visa , in partnership with Wakefield Research, “Fraudulese: The Language of Fraud,” brings to light that when it comes to spotting scams, cybercriminals are finding vulnerabilities among even the most tech-savvy consumers. While nearly half of the population are confident they can recognize a scam, 73% are likely to miss the requisite red flags in digital communications.

November 14, 2022

Top Post

Visa Has Terminated Global Debit Card Agreements with FTX


“Visa Inc, the world’s largest payments processor, said on Sunday it was severing its global credit card agreements with collapsed crypto exchange FTX. “The situation with FTX is unfortunate and we are monitoring developments closely,” a Visa spokesperson told Reuters. “We have terminated our global agreements with FTX and their U.S. debit card program is being wound down by their issuer.” FTX and Visa had announced an expanded partnership in early October, including plans to introduce account-linked Visa debit cards in 40 new countries.”

On the wires

Visa Canada and RBC Announce Collaboration to Expand Flexible Financing Options in Canada with Installment Plans


“Today, Visa and Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) announced their new collaboration to provide eligible RBC personal credit cardholders with the convenient option of converting a qualifying purchase into smaller, equal payments made over a defined period of time when shopping at participating merchants across Canada – both in-store and online. RBC is the latest issuer to support Installments enabled by Visa following the launch of the solution in Canada last year. Eligible RBC personal Visa credit cardholders can conveniently leverage their existing credit without submitting new loan applications, completing credit checks, or downloading a new app…This announcement responds to a growing consumer demand for more convenient and affordable financing solutions such as installment payments and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) options in Canada and globally. BNPL represents a growing portion of the global payments market, accounting for over $1.7 trillion CAD of global payment volume.1 Visa research showed that up to half of all global consumers expressed interest in installment financing offered by their existing credit card issuer.2”

October 28, 2022

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Payments Giant Visa Files Trademarks for Crypto Wallets and the Metaverse


“The growth of cryptocurrencies and the metaverse concept has provided traditional finance companies an opportunity to scale their operations and meet consumer demands. In this line, financial services giant Visa is the latest entity to express interest in the metaverse, hoping to offer services in the virtual world.   In particular, the company filed two metaverse trademarks on October 22, with plans to manage digital and cryptocurrency transactions, cryptocurrency wallets, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and digital currency, among others.”

October 27, 2022

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Visa to Open State-of-the-Art Innovation Center in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


“Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments, today announced plans to open a state-of-the art Innovation Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at the Future Investment Initiative. The facility, that will be operational by the end of 2023, is being built with the vision of becoming the Kingdom’s innovation hub for next-generation payment solutions and experiences. It will be the latest addition to Visa’s expanding global innovation network…The new creative space will feature virtual reality, biometrics and Internet-of-Things applications and will be staffed by Visa innovation and technology experts. The Center will include a specialist focus on developing innovations for governments, financial institutions, fintechs and businesses, that will span areas including data, loyalty, disbursements, remittances, business-to-business payments and more.”

Visa and Brankas Go Live with Global Partners, Unveiling New Open Finance Products

TechNode Global

“Brankas, a leading Open Finance technology provider, has today announced that it has gone live with Visa to unveil a new Open Finance solution to increase financial inclusion across Southeast Asia, citing TrustDecision (Tongdun) and IziData as two of the pilot customers already using the joint solutions. Brankas has successfully integrated Visa Cardholder Transaction Score (VCTS) and Visa’s broad range of payment rails into its core solutions to deliver new out-of-the-box credit decisioning and payment products. Appointed by Visa as the first partner regionally to provide live access to its Open Data products, Brankas will enable financial institutions to utilize the transaction data available today to immediately improve their solution offerings.”

October 26, 2022

On the web

Blockchain.com Visa Card, Powered by Marqeta, Debuts with 50,000 Sign-Ups at Launch

PR Newswire

Today Blockchain.com, one of the world’s most trusted and popular platforms to buy, sell, and trade crypto, announced the debut of its highly anticipated Blockchain.com Visa® Card, with 50,000 waitlist sign-ups already at launch. Initially available to US residents, users can spend their crypto or cash within their Blockchain.com Wallet without fees and earn 1% back in crypto anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. The Blockchain.com Visa Card will let users spend from a crypto balance fee-free and offer the opportunity to earn crypto rewards. Leveraging Visa’s payments network and Marqeta’s modern card issuing platform, the Blockchain.com Visa Card also offers no sign-up, card issuance, or annual fees.

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