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June 28, 2023

On the wires

Treasury Prime Announces Partnership with Sardine to Strengthen Fraud Detection Capabilities for Enterprises and Banks on the Platform

PR Newswire

"Treasury Prime, a leading embedded banking software company, announced today its strategic partnership with Sardine , an all-in-one fraud detection, compliance, and risk management platform. This collaboration will empower companies and financial institutions within Treasury Prime's multi-bank network to leverage Sardine's Sponsor Bank Operating System, offering turnkey fraud management and oversee BSA/AML compliance at 3rd parties."

Sardine Launches Industry-Wide Consortium to Curb The Rapid Rise of Payment Fraud

Business Wire

"Sardine today announced the formation of SardineX, an industry-wide, independent consortium to curtail payment fraud by bringing together established financial institutions and emerging fintech organizations to establish trust across multiple payment rails. Founding members include Chesapeake Bank, Visa, Airbase, Blockchain.com, Alloy Labs Alliance, iLex, and Novo, with more members expected to join in the coming months."

April 26, 2023

On the wires

Leading Financial Services Providers Sardine and Fortress Trust Announce Their Partnership to Power the Next Wave of Global Blockchain-based Payments and On/Off-Ramps

Business Wire

"Sardine AI and Fortress Trust, two leaders in the financial services industry, have joined forces to enhance the safety and security of blockchain-based payments (“ePayments”) worldwide. The partnership will bring together the unique strengths of each company to provide safer, faster, and compliant ePayments for their clients."

March 17, 2023

On the wires

Apto Payments Announces Partnership with Sardine


"Apto Payments, a one-stop-shop card issuing platform, today announced its partnership with Sardine, the leading provider of fraud, compliance, and instant settlement solutions. The partnership will allow customers to quickly launch card programs with support from comprehensive transaction monitoring tools to identify and prevent fraudulent behavior. The Sardine partnership comes as the need for robust fraud and compliance solutions continues to grow in the fintech industry."

October 26, 2022

On the web

Incode Announces Strategic Partnership with Sardine

PR Newswire

“Incode, the next-generation identity verification and authentication platform for global enterprises, today announced a strategic partnership with Sardine, the leading provider of fraud, compliance, and instant settlement solutions. Incode’s partnership with Sardine allows the two companies to bring customers a best-in-class experience for addressing risk, from identity verification to payments fraud. This year, the Federal Trade Commission reported 2.8 million consumer fraud reports, a 70% increase since the previous year, which amounts to almost $6 billion in losses. The partnership enables user verification and authentication of user identities through biometric authentication to avoid fraudulent activities as customers manage account opening, funding, and payments.”

October 21, 2022

On the web

Ethereum Wallet Metamask Adds Bank-to-Crypto Transfers Via Sardine

Bitcoin News

“On Tuesday, the crypto firm Consensys published an announcement that explains the ETH wallet Metamask has added bank-to-crypto transfers through the ACH company Sardine . “With Sardine’s new instant ACH integration, you can buy crypto instantly with no settlement delays,” Consensys explains in the recently published blog post. The crypto firm added: Instant ACH allows orders to complete in minutes instead of days like a standard ACH order, and works on holidays, unlike regular ACH. The newly added feature via Sardine allows Metamask users to transfer their fiat for cryptocurrencies with a maximum limit of $3K per day. Users can also spend up to $5K per week or $25K per month in order to purchase more than 30 crypto assets. Consensys’s blog post says that not only does Sardine offer quick ACH services it also provides “robust compliance and fraud prevention infrastructure.””

October 18, 2022

On the web

Sardine Launches ‘Insights’ to Manage Risk Between Financial Institutions, Fintechs, and Crypto Companies

PR Newswire

“Sardine, the leading provider of fraud, compliance, and instant payment solutions, announced today a new product offering a real-time, comprehensive view of an entity’s risk based on its history transacting with cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and conventional bank products and services. Called Insights, the service aims to bridge data gaps between financial institutions, fintechs, and crypto companies to strengthen risk management and increase access to all segments of financial services.   The number of US adults who own crypto assets will surge to 34 million this year. As more consumers, businesses, and other entities use blockchain-based services, there is a growing demand to move money between traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFI). However, these two systems remain siloed with limited exchange of risk-related information, enabling fraudsters to exploit significant visibility gaps.”

September 21, 2022

On the web

Sardine Raises $51.5M Series B Led by Andreessen Horowitz


“As a leading provider of fraud, compliance, and instant settlement solutions, Sardine announced today $51.5M in Series B financing to accelerate product development as well as marketing and sales across the globe. Andreessen Horowitz’s Growth Fund led the round with participation from new and existing investors, including XYZ, Nyca Partners, Sound Ventures, Activant Capital, Visa, Google Ventures, Eric Schmidt, Vikram Pandit, The General Partnership, NAventures, ING Ventures, ConsenSys, Cross River Digital Ventures, Alloy Labs, and Uniswap Labs Ventures…“Faster payments means faster fraud. As Zelle, RTP and FedNow become increasingly popular, consumers are increasingly vulnerable to social engineering attacks where they are convinced to buy something that never arrives or invest in a scam,” said Soups Ranjan, CEO of Sardine. “Secondly, Financial Institutions only know that their customers bought ETH or USDC, not what they do with it afterwards. What is needed is a new way of looking at fraud prevention, one which deeply inspects user behavior at the time of purchase, and combines it with what happens to the funds downstream. That’s exactly what we built at Sardine.””

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