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June 3, 2022

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Decentralized ID Offers a Human Approach to Identity in Cyberspace

Fast Company

“The nature of the digital world is that organizations, people, software, and devices are connected. This is what enables digital experiences, from business analytics to gaming and shopping.    But with millions of digital interactions happening every second, we’ve reached a scale that is difficult to comprehend, with almost limitless interdependencies. This creates an ever-expanding attack surface with more and more vulnerabilities. For example, today there are 921 password attacks every second, and new threats to our online identities are constantly emerging.”

September 27, 2021

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June 14, 2021

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Tax Refunds and Stimulus Checks Delayed by Identity Fraud Crossfire


“It’s unclear how many taxpayers’ refunds have been delayed during the 2021 filing season. But it’s an issue for a growing number of Americans. The IRS flagged 5.2 million tax refunds for fraud last year, a nearly 50% increase over 2019, according to the Taxpayer Advocate Service, an independent organization within the IRS. Of those, about 1.9 million were flagged for identity screening. (The rest were earmarked for income verification.) Basically, the IRS wants to ensure a crook isn’t using a taxpayer’s identity to claim a tax refund. The agency mails letters (either a 5071C or 6331C letter ) to taxpayers if it suspects foul play. The IRS can’t process a tax return or issue a refund until the person responds. However, most flagged returns aren’t fraudulent. In 2019, 63% of the refunds vetted for identity theft turned out to be legitimate, according to the Taxpayer Advocate Service.”

On the wires

Stripe Newsroom: Stripe Launches Stripe Identity, an Identity Verification Tool to Increase Trust Online

“Stripe today announced the launch of Stripe Identity, the easiest way for internet businesses to securely verify the identities of users from over 30 countries. As more economic activity happens online, the need for internet businesses to establish and maintain high levels of trust increases commensurately. Online businesses frequently need to verify the identities of their users to comply with age requirements or “Know Your Customer” (KYC) laws—and to increase trust and safety by reducing fraud, preventing account takeovers, and stopping bad actors.”

November 10, 2020

On the wires

Acuant Launches Acuant®GO No Code IDV and KYC Solutions for Agile Digital Transformation

Acuant , a leading global provider of identity verification solutions, today announced the launch of Acuant®GO , a suite of no code solutions. Acuant®GO delivers the power of the Acuant’s Trusted Identity Platform at lightning speed. It is the fastest way to go-to-market and deploy mobile and web identity verification and KYC/AML that meet regulatory, business and customer needs.”

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Delivers Fraud Detection Capabilities and Insight into Identity Event and Application Activity through New LexisNexis® Fraud Intelligence Product

“LexisNexis® Risk Solutions today announced LexisNexis® Fraud Intelligence , the newest addition to the company’s suite of fraud and identity products. LexisNexis Fraud Intelligence is a non-FCRA solution that helps organizations mitigate new account fraud risk by bringing together identity events and consumer application activity to arrive at a comprehensive, powerful score that offers complete view of identity. The new tool limits friction for legitimate consumers because it can identify applications in real-time that are most likely fraudulent.”

July 20, 2020

On the wires

Accertify Launches Digital Identity Solution to Battle Increasing Account Opening and Account Takeover Fraud

“Accertify, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Express, today announced the launch of a new solution designed to help organizations address the significant rise in fraudulent online account openings and account takeovers. Accertify Digital Identity is a sophisticated API-based solution that empowers organizations to trust and verify who is on the other side of a digital interaction.”

June 22, 2020

On the wires

Visa Introduces Advanced Identity Score to Help Financial Institutions Prevent New Account Fraud

“Visa Inc. today announced a digital tool to help U.S. financial institutions with their efforts to combat new account fraud – estimated at $10 billion a year – and give consumers greater peace of mind. Advanced Identity Score combines Visa’s artificial intelligence and predictive machine learning capabilities with application and identity related data to generate a risk score for new account applications to help reduce fraud, prevent negative impact to brand loyalty and trust, and eliminate operational costs due to remediation.”

June 16, 2020

On the wires

Ekata Launches New Identity Verification Tool to Fight Digital Fraud

“Ekata today announced the release of the latest innovation to its global identity verification dataset, Network Score. Network Score is a machine learning prediction that enables businesses to better identify good and bad customers based on a series of insights. The new dataset flags potentially risky digital transactions and fraudulent customers by analyzing the activity patterns of the identity information being used.”

May 26, 2020

On the wires

WorldRemit Partners With Onfido to Deliver a Simple, and Faster Verification Process for Customers

WorldRemit has today announced a new partnership with Onfido, the global identity verification and authentication company, to make it easier and quicker for customers to open an account with WorldRemit, to send money abroad. Partnering with Onfido will allow the FCA regulated international payments company to further automate the Know Your Customer (KYC) decision-making process to verify the identification of customers.”

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