The Merchant Perspective

The Merchant Perspective 

 "Few people understand what the life of a payments manager at a merchant is really like.  It's an incredible mix of the practical and the strategic.  Our merchant clients turn to Glenbrook for help in understanding their options and setting strategy."
-- Allen Weinberg

Do you need to understand how merchants think about payments?  Glenbrook’s course on the merchant perspective can give you the answers you need - by letting you get "inside the head” of merchants. The Merchant Perspective Workshop can be structured as a one-day, a two-day, or a day-and-a-half course, depending on the depth of coverage your team wants.

Glenbrook’s team has had extensive experience in working for – and at – merchants, and helping them as they make key payments decisions.

Glenbrook's Russ Jones is the program manager.

Meet Russ

Workshop Topics

  • Merchant payments goals
  • Key merchant verticals
  • Why not all merchants are “merchants”
  • The job of the merchant payment manager
  • How merchants evaluate new payments methods
  • How merchants select vendors
  • How merchants implement payments products
  • Costs, benefits, and ROI from the merchant’s perspective