OnDemand Video Webinar


Payments Facilitation, a card acceptance technique pioneered by PayPal, has grown in popularity over the years and is now used by providers such as Square, Shopify, Toast, and hundreds of others. But the PayFac model is only one of many models available to expand card acceptance. How does it differ from the ISO model? And what exactly is integrated payments? This webinar will provide an arm’s length perspective on the evolution of the PayFac model and emergence of next generation PayFac-as-a-Service enablers. It will explore PayFac network obligations, regulatory requirements, and risk exposures. To provide a complete picture we’ll also clear up (once and for all) what it means to be or not be the merchant of record.

Topics Covered

Fundamentals of card acceptance; similarities and differences between the acceptance models; PayFac obligations and risk exposures; and the key attributes of the PayFac-as-a-Service model. By way of example, the webinar will also compare the differences between the leading PayFac enablers.

Learning Objectives

To understand the essentials of the Payments Facilitation model, how it fits into the larger card acceptance ecosystem, and the hidden requirements and obligations of PayFac providers.