OnDemand Video Webinar


Overlay are a new category of payments industry services that provide the missing functionality between what the underlying payment rails provide and what real-world use cases demand. Overlay services provide, for example, missing P2P functionality on top of real-time payment rails. They add the missing QR Code support needed for commerce. And the hold the potential to streamline B2B payments through value-add directory structures and aliasing capabilities. This webinar will introduce the concept of overlay services and explore some of the examples we see all over the world.

Topics Covered

Topics covered include the Mobile Aliasing services, Request to Pay (RtP), QR Code Extensions, P2P extensions, and Open Banking extensions. Particular emphasis will be placed on the alignment between overlay services and real-time payment rails. Services discussed in this webinar include Paym, Osko, CoDi, SWISH, Zapp, Zelle, Request to Payment Framework, and UPI.

Learning Objectives

This webinar is designed to introduce overlay services, describe the relationship between overlay services and underlying payments rails, and show examples of overlay services emerging around the world.