OnDemand Video Webinar

Payroll is an old use case in payments, and one that is increasingly being rethought with the arrival of the gig economy. More broadly, not only is payroll changing, but so is the entire income domain. This domain includes all forms of B2C and G2C payments made to individuals for all purposes. It includes payroll, pension payments, retirement disbursals, and government benefits. How is this domain structured? What are the key trends? And what are the unique requirements associated with handling income payments?

Topics Covered

Payments mix in income payments, lifecycle of payroll processing, key income payments trends, payments in the gig economy and early wage access, and cross-border income payments. Companies discussed include ADP, Paychex, Even, DailyPay, Branch, AnyDay, Payoneer, and others.

Learning Objectives

To understand the key payments characteristics of the income domain, how new innovations are changing the market, and how emerging income alternatives might someday change how we all get paid.