OnDemand Video Webinar


Fintech companies are seemingly remaking how we think about financial services. Even in the world of payments, fintech companies are stepping into the value chain and starting to disintermediate traditional service providers. But what underlying technologies are they drawing on? And how do their value propositions really differ from the incumbents? In this webinar we explore some of the leading payments fintech companies (one drawn from each stakeholder category) to see how they use the available building blocks to innovate in payments.

Topics Covered

Fintech market drivers and segments, key fintech attributes, and technology building blocks. This session will include a drill down into the value propositions and critical success factors of several payments fintech companies — Cash App, TransferWise, Marqeta, Stripe, and Curve – to see what makes them tick.

Learning Objectives

To understand some of the leading fintech companies in payments and their fit in the traditional payments industry.