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From WeChat Pay to Paytm, QR Code-based payments are perhaps the fastest growing segment of the global payments industry. But with emerging national (BharatQR in India) and global (EMV QR Code) standards, this payments data exchange technique is just beginning to gain acceptance beyond proprietary implementations. This session explores the foundation of QR Code payments and takes stock of the competing standards found in the market.

Topics Covered

  • 2D barcode fundamentals and QR Code background
  • QR Code presentation alternatives, dynamic vs. static
  • Payments data, data standardization, and risk model
  • Examples – Alipay, WeChat Pay, Paytm

Learning Objectives

To understand how QR Code technology is being used to exchange payment data between buyers and sellers, the risk implications of various approaches, and the likelihood that this method will expand in the future.

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