Glenbrook Perspectives

COVID-19 Payments Industry eBook

COVID-19’s impact on the U.S. payments industry and domestic economy is profound.

Multiple reports from the U.S. Department of Commerce, merchant acquirers, and PSPs indicate the extent of the pain from this pandemicinduced recession. And for the millions of Americans without jobs, the word “pain” is an inadequate descriptor of their current situation.

This ebook will focus on the impact, implications, and responses by the stakeholders in the U.S. payments industry due to COVID-19. We’ll examine the pandemic’s effects on the payments industry through Glenbrook’s Domains of Payments framework. This framework categorizes payments flows by transaction context and the parties most affected.

We will look at the short and longer-term impact of the pandemic on stakeholders using or providing services within each domain. We’ll also assess the implications for major stakeholders and offer recommendations.

This report focuses on the U.S. market with reference to international domestic markets for illustrative and comparative purposes and was written between May-August 2020 in the early phase of the global pandemic.