Glenbrook wants to help our clients find
success in the payments industry – whether as
solutions providers, users, or investors.

About Glenbrook

Our Focus
Organizations evaluating or launching new payments initiatives turn to Glenbrook Partners when direction is uncertain, the landscape is unfamiliar, and development of a successful strategy is challenging. We build capacity in our client organizations so they have the tools needed to make the right choices and to execute successfully.

Glenbrook is an independent payments industry strategy consulting and research firm. We bring to our clients a unique combination of our specialized skills in payments, many years of hands-on experience in the field, and our network of professional relationships. Coupled with our payments training capabilities, Glenbrook is an ideal partner for an organization evaluating its next steps in payments. Our projects are cost efficient and high impact.

Glenbrook serves payments professionals in many different kinds of companies, including payments services providers, card networks, technology, risk management companies, banks, merchants, and treasury managers.

From our base in San Francisco and through our staff in Seattle, Portland, New York, Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago, we meet and work with payments industry startups as well as managers from leading companies looking to innovate. We constantly assess the potential impact of new players and services and bring that knowledge to our clients.

Our Clients
Glenbrook’s clients include the major U.S. card and payment networks, leading non-governmental organizations, the largest payments acquirers and processors, payments technology firms, and mobile network operators.

We are independent thinkers. While we work across the payments industry, we do not align ourselves with individual vendors or vendor consortia. Only through such independence are we in a position to guide our clients and serve their best interests.

We focus exclusively on payments strategy. The Glenbrook partners selected to lead this effort have been closely involved with consumer and business payments for decades.

Our History
Glenbrook was founded in 2001 by three partners, senior leaders and veterans at leading payments companies including Visa, Mastercard, First Data and Deutsche Bank. In 2002, the firm was organized into Glenbrook Partners, LLC. Glenbrook is led by eight partners including original founders Carol Coye Benson and Allen Weinberg. For particular engagements, especially those focused on international payments concerns, Glenbrook has an established network of contractors and subject matter experts. In 2015, in order to address increasing demands for its services, the company expanded its staffing model to include engagement managers, senior associates, and associates.

Our Team
Our team is composed of executives with broad exposure to many facets of the payments industry, including business management, marketing, technology, operations, risk management, and business analysis.

The Glenbrook team is made up of subject matter experts and business line executives with proven consulting skills. We bring to each engagement deep and specific payments industry knowledge rather than applying general consulting skills to the client’s goals.

What Makes Us Different
Unlike competitive firms offering subscription-based research approaches to a wide constituency, Glenbrook project work is focused entirely on each client’s strategic and tactical requirements and goals. Glenbrook does not represent a single payments industry segment or viewpoint. Our firm is known for its even-handed, knowledgeable, and critical perspective on the payments industry.

Because of the breadth of our client base – across the entire payments business spectrum – Glenbrook understands the business priorities of each participant, enabling us to establish common understanding among stakeholders, optimize RFP outcomes, and identify alternative business and technical approaches.

Industry Leadership
Glenbrook facilitates industry collaborations. Our Merchant Payments Roundtable™, led by Allen Weinberg, brings together 30 of the very top digital and omnichannel (brick-and-mortar plus digital) merchants through semi-annual meetings for updates on payments industry evolution and best practice discussions.

Glenbrook partners are frequent speakers at industry events including Money 2020, NACHA Payments, Smart Card Alliance,, and a range of other conferences.

Glenbrook Payments Industry Education
Glenbrook offers our clients the leading industry education program in the U.S. Over the last decade, Glenbrook has taught over 18,000 payments industry professionals on payments basics and advanced topics such as digital payments, the role of data in payments, B2B payments, and the global impact of faster payment methods.

Glenbrook produces leading payments information sites including the best payments news aggregation site, Glenbrook’s blog of opinion and commentary,, is written by members of the Glenbrook team. Payments On Fire® is Glenbrook’s industry podcast, a twice monthly podcast on payments industry issues and ideas,

Affirming our independent role, all Glenbrook news services are provided as a service to the payments industry; no content sponsorship or advertising is accepted or solicited.