From attendees of Glenbrook's Payments Boot Camps and Workshops:


"The content is highly relevant for anyone in the payments industry, even newbies and seasoned industry veterans."

-- Brian Grech, PayPal Corporate Strategy

"This is a must have for anyone wanting to be in the paymentsindustry."-- Dhiraj Sharda, Visa

"Sometimes you are in one specific area of payments - for me to be able to see the big picture was illuminating." -- Hugo Cuevas-Mohr, IMTC (International Payments Assoc.)

"We now have a number of additional innovations to explore that would not of occurred to us without our engagement with Glenbrook."-- Ray Garcia, SVP Global Ops, Payfone

"Having made a change to a completely different industry, I was a newbie in payments space. My time with Glenbrook provided me with confidence I needed to look potential partners in the eye and speak their vocabulary."-- Emilio Disanluciano, Jumio

"The presenters were knowledgable and engaging, and it was a great opportunity to network with people in the industry."-- Todd Callow, Biz Dev, Intuit

"Every current or aspiring payment executive should attend."
 -- David Dutch, CEO - PayLease

“I wish I had attended 5 months ago, when I started my job.  I enjoyed learning about interchange.”
Steve Stattler, Director, Strategy – Qualcomm

“The Glenbrook Payments Boot Camp is a must for anyone in the payments product space.  Importantly, Bank Deposit Product and Card leaders can learn about the evolution of the payments ecosystem.”
 -- Dave Harmuth, Retail Banking Consultant

”At the Glenbrook Payments Boot Camp a great overview of the entire landscape of the payments industry was presented and this has influenced the understanding of what we at Payfone can enable for the future.   With the broader view we received at the seminars we now have a number of additional innovations to explore that would not of occurred to us without our engagement with Glenbrook.”  

 -- Ray Garcia SVP Global Operations, Payfone Inc.

“Glenbrook’s Payments Boot Camp provided a comprehensive overview of payment systems in the U.S.  I was particularly impressed with the amount of material the training covered while mastering the ability to organize the information into digestible bites.  The information provided on Card, Check, ACH etc. was informative regardless of how many years you may have in the payments industry.  Of particular interest was the discussion around emerging payments (eCommerce, Mobile, POS, B2B etc.).  Great job Glenbrook!”
 -- Stacy L. Williams, Intuit

“The Glenbrook Payments Boot Camp provides an insightful overview of the past, present, and future of the payments industry. The instructors are very knowledgeable to passionate about the material and present it in a way that is easy to comprehend” -- Lisa Mead, Relationship Manager – Premier Accounts, Global Payments

“A great blend of attendees – from industry veterans to managers from start-ups – made the Payments Boot Camp very interesting”
Mayuri Ghosh, Opus Software Solutions Business Development Manager

“Regardless of your level of experience, there is simply no better way to get a comprehensive and insightful view of the payments industry today than to attend a Glenbrook Partners Boot Camp. Carol and Scott cover the established and emerging players from a perspective that only their experience can delivery. The curriculum is masterfully organized, insights driven, and relevant for today’s payments professional. If you do one thing for your career development this year – do this!”
-- Faith Price, CEO, Faith Price Consulting

“Great analysis of the emerging payments players – sorts through the hype to help understand the business model and critical success factors”
-- Johnny Roland, Cisco FS Industry Consulting

“The Payments Boot Camp has been a tremendous value add for me. I will recommend it my team members.”
 -- Narendranji S.Ragani, Manager – Payment Solutions, Kanbay

“Glenbrook keeps the information relevant.”
 -- Corinne Fok, Visa International

“Great Program to get 360 degree view on the payments industry with great analysis on the economics of payments.”
 -- Kaushik Roy, Director Product Marketing, Kabira Technologies

“A must for payments professionals.” 
 -- Mustafa Shehabi, VP Sales & Marketing Projects, ISTS Worldwide



“It not only provides rich subject content but is also an excellent opportunity to understand the perspectives of your peers in payments.” – Raksha Bhola,  Payments Strategist, Comerica Bank
“The payments bootcamp gave me a firm understanding of payment systems, as well as insight into where these systems are going in the future." Scott Isard,  Director of Business Development,  Aurionpro

“The Payments Boot Camp provides a significant insight on the market trends and upcoming payment options giving a good take - away, apart from teasing the thinking cells!” – Anusha, Bala, Customer Strategy Specialist, Product, Western Union Digital

“As a new participant in payments, the way the material was pulled together and presented was well-paced and helped me add context to the situations I'm encountering in my new role.” – Loring Harrop, U.S. Bank

“Very informative about the overall payment landscape.” – Anurag Gupta, Director and Chief Architect, Paypal,

“A fantastic deep-dive into payments for beginners and veterans. The instructors are amazing, with a tremendous amount of experience and recognition under their belts.” – Yaasha Sabba, Product Analyst, Visa USA Inc.

“I wish everyone at PayPal was required to take Glenbrook. A must for anyone in the payment industry.”
-- Jonmichael May, PayPal Product Manager

“Payments boot camp cleared up much of my confusion on several payment topics.”
 -- Eric Leboie, SVP Sales ORCC

“The collective payments experience of the Glenbrook cadre is immense and lends tremendously to the payments experience.”
 -- Gary Pearcy, SVP, Wells Fargo Debit Card Systems & Ops

“Great to know about the payment business, the best payments seminar I’ve ever been to! ”
 -- David Mora, Chief Project Manager, Latin America, CredoMatic

“The class does a good job of taking a very complex subject and making it digestible.”
 -- Theresa Casey, PayPal Large Merchant Services

“The Payments Bootcamp was one of the best training courses that I have attended. The combination of the content covered and instructors’ depth of knowledge made this course very informative and valuable. In addition, the broad cross section of attendees resulted in very meaningful real world discussions. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone with payment product responsibilities.”
 -- James Cook, Director, Product Management, CheckFree Corporation

“The Payments Boot Camp exceeded all my expectations, and I can’t wait to put all this new found knowledge to work on my projects.”
 -- Andrew Pruitt, Director, Strategic Markets , Early Warning Services

“Very thorough understanding of payment systems & industry challenges. I would recommend to anyone in the payments industry for a broader understanding.”
 -- David Hunter, Product Manager, First Data

“The brain trust between the two presenters is amazing. The most comprehensive education in the payments industry I’ve come across.”
 -- Kevin Lewis, VP – Client Relations, ESC Loyalty

“Terrific, broad, perspective and overview of the payments world, and on how bankers think about emerging players.”
 -- Virginia Holman, TSYS

“You guys really know your stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed the session!”
 -- Kristine Bonaimo, American Express

“As someone with close to thirty years of payments industry experience, I was not sure if it made sense to attend the Boot Camp but after the session I was sure it did. There are so many nuances, silos and constant change in the industry and the content was very thorough and thought provoking in addition to the diversity of the attendees which all added up to a valuable experience.”
 -- Steve Klebe

“I entered the Boot Camp as a complete payments newbie, but I am leaving feeling like an expert. This is a great tool for anyone looking to play catch-up in the industry.”
 -- Stephen Johns, Software Developer, Clear2Pay

“Glenbrook’s instructors are very knowledgeable about the payments in general. The class is very engaging. It saves me hundreds (of hours) of research time.”
 -- Victor Yu, Training Manager, Paypal

“The boot camp was a great way to get my whole team up to speed fast on payments industry structure, market economics, and the competitive landscape. The presenters were knowledgeable and engaging and brought insight to the industry that really opened our eyes to new opportunities for us to pursue.”
 -- Rob Goldberg, Vice President, Pitney Bowes