Real-time Payments

Faster payments are gaining traction globally. How can you keep up?

Overview of Real-Time Payments

Real-time payments are digital credit transfers that are transmitted instantly (or within a few seconds) from the sender to the receiver between accounts. The receiver has immediate availability of the funds.

Real-time payments systems offer promise for multiple payments ecosystem stakeholders. For example:

  • Consumers benefit from control as the sender determines when a payment is made.
  • Regulators may observe decreases in cash reduction, increases in competition, and increases financial inclusion.
  • Merchants experience immediate funds availability.
  • Providers can offer embedded experiences with little end user friction.

Glenbrook has supported real-time payments initiatives in 55 countries and counting

Instant money transfer will soon become the global norm.

Designing and implementing real-time systems is complex. Achieving ubiquity is essential. Leveraging the benefits of real-time systems can be game changing.

Payments Consulting

Glenbrook works on a wide range of real-time payments projects, and can help you with your unique needs. Recent example engagements include the following:

  • Glenbrook contributed to on-going thought leadership for the U.S. Faster Payments Council (FPC). 
  • Glenbrook provided systems and business model design to support the development of a new real-time payments system in Africa.
  • Glenbrook developed a business case for a new national real-time payment system in Africa.
  • Glenbrook performed a benchmarking study on global best practices for real-time payments systems, performing a comparative analysis on ten countries. 
  • Glenbrook helped an incumbent bill pay provider understand and evolve the changing bill pay landscape in the U.S., due to the emergence of real-time payment infrastructure. 
  • Glenbrook drafted the real-time payments system rule book for multiple new instant systems.

Payments Boot Camp®

Look to our workshops and webinars to help you understand how real-time payments differ from other payment types and how you can best take advantage of this global trend.

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