Payments Systems in the U.S. – A Guide for the Payments Professional

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Payments Systems in the U.S. is a comprehensive review of the systemically important payments systems (cards, checks, ACH, wires, and cash) that move money between and among consumers and enterprises in the U.S. In clear and lively writing, the authors explain how the payments systems work, how they evolved, who uses them, who provides them, who profits from them, and how they are changing.

Anyone in the payments industry – or needing to use payments products – can benefit from this material. The third edition updates information about each system, adds a chapter on payments innovation, and includes a glossary of industry terminology.

Without question, the best overview of the payments industry. Essential for payments professionals.

– Bill Harris, CEO, Personal Capital

Glenbrook’s deep knowledge of payments comes through loud-and-clear and easy-to-read. This is the go-to resource for understanding payments systems.

– Susan Ehrlich, CFO Simple and Board Member, BECU

A clear and concise explanation of the payments industry—useful for all payments professionals.

– Michael Manchisi, President, Mastercard Payment Transaction Services, Mastercard Worldwide