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Fast Tracking Faster Payments – November 15, 2023 – Virtual

$795 | 11:00am - 4:00pm ET

This four-hour intensive workshop is designed for payments leads at U.S. financial institutions seeking to efficiently evaluate and productize a new real-time payment offering. Glenbrook will share practical, provider-agnostic guidance based on decades of experience in faster payments. Workshop participants will walk away with answers to questions like:

  • Why should I support fast payments?
  • Do I need multiple networks?
  • Who should I work with?
  • What do I need to do to efficiently go-live?
  • How do I mitigate fraud risk?

Workshop participants can codify questions, tools, resources, and individual responses in our ‘Fast Tracking Faster Payments Workbook’.



This workshop will be hosted virtually using Zoom Meetings.


Fast Tracking Faster Payments


Pre-Engagement – 15 mins

  • Pre-workshop survey
  • Workbook introduction

Welcome – 15 mins

  • Presenter and attendee introductions
  • Review of polling findings
  • High level review of the Workbook

Why Fast Payments? – 60 mins

  • Key attributes of fast payments systems
  • Global growth and U.S. market context
  • Individual Exercise: customer use cases
  • Fast payment use cases and projected volumes
  • Competitive landscape: who is offering fast payments and in what way(s)
  • Put Your Knowledge into Practice: prioritize fast payment use cases for your customers

How many systems do I need to support and why? – 45 mins

  • Key systems compared
  • Put Your Knowledge into Practice: unique design features, benefits, and risks of each system
  • Benefits and risks of supporting all, some, one, or none
  • Competitive landscape: who is using what system
  • Put Your Knowledge into Practice: what systems does your organization need


Break – 60 mins


How do I get my organization ready for fast payments? – 45 mins

  • Back and front end organizational needs to support fast payments
  • Put Your Knowledge into Practice: organizational readiness
  • Breakout Discussion: Biggest organizational hurdles
  • Processor and vendor landscape
  • Put Your Knowledge into Practice: what partners may be best suited for your organization
  • What else needs to get done to bring a project like this to life
  • The business case to evangelize your leaders and find an executive sponsor
  • Put Your Knowledge into Practice: business case outline

How do I mitigate fraud risk? – 45 mins

  • Understanding fast payment fraud vectors and liability trends
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Best practices in fast payment fraud mitigation
  • Put Your Knowledge into Practice: applying best practices to your organization

What’s missing and what do I do next? – 25 mins

  • Facilitated forum to review Workbook resources, pose questions, call out specific challenges.

Wrap Up & Close – 5 mins

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Fast Tracking Faster Payments Workshop

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This workshop will be hosted virtually.

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Elizabeth McQeurry

Elizabeth McQeurry

Elizabeth McQuerry is a Partner at Glenbrook and leads the firm’s Global Payments Practice where she helps clients develop and scale new real-time and cross-border payments systems. For the past five years Elizabeth has coordinated the Faster Payments Barometer which tracks industry satisfaction and concerns for the U.S. Faster Payments Council.

Cici Northup

Cici Northup

As an Associate Partner, Cici offers significant management and analytical experience to her work with Glenbrook clients. Cici has worked for nearly a decade with central banks, industry bodies, and commercial organizations to increase the efficacy of digital financial services, largely in emerging markets.