Glenbrook Payments Assessment

The Glenbrook Payments Assessment (GPA) rapidly identifies opportunities for clients to improve their payments environment.

Over the years we've created a highly streamlined and effective process for identifying and providing actionable recommendations to clients.  

The Glenbrook Payments Assessment addresses operational efficiencies and the explicit cost of payments in your field. Additionally, the GPA recommends to the client "best practice" activities in use by competitors and other "best in class billers."

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Our Three-Step Approach

1 - Review of Client Documentation. Glenbrook will review the client's payments contracts and invoices, procedural documents and management reports, and make preliminary observations. We'll formulate an agenda for a meeting with key stakeholders.

2 - Onsite Assessment. Two or more Glenbrook partners will lead meetings over two or more days with relevant staff to understand processes and investigate questions gleaned from our documentation review. We'll work with project sponsors to formulate a preliminary action plan.

3 - Summary and Recommendations. Glenbrook follows up on outstanding questions that have arisen out of the onsite session. We may recommend industry research or outreach. Glenbrook will develop a final assessment and review it with the client, either via conference call or onsite. 

Potential Assessment Scope

  • Contract and Relationships
    • Pricing & Vendor Management Strategies
  • Processing Infrastructure
    • Technology Platform
    • Connectivity and Process Flows
  • Cards
    • Authorization Practices
    • Settlement and Reconciliation
    • Chargeback Strategy and Processing
    • Research and Representments
  • ACH
    • Enrollment Method (recurring)
    • Recycle Strategies
    • Settlement and Reconciliation
    • Error Resolution (Administrative, NSFs)
  • Payment Optimization and Customization
    • Use of Alternative Payments
    • Recurring Practices (if appropriate)
    • Payment Mix Optimization
    • Payout Mechanics
  • Payments Organization
    • Resource Levels and Reporting Structure

    • Skills and Basic Processes

    • Communications and Cooperation

    • Relative Maturity

  • Reporting and KPIs
    • Operational
    • Financial (including Total Cost of Payments)
    • Management (Dashboard)
  • Customer Impact
    • Checkout Flow/Friction
    • Payments Related Credits
    • Exception Handling
    • Consumer Disclosures
  • Sustainability
    • Data Security, Privacy
    • Business Resumption Preparedness
  • Product Management (current practices against future plans)

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