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87 countries representing over 90 percent of global GDP are in some stage of exploring or using a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Compare this with where we were in May 2020, with only 35 countries considering a CBDC.

The prospect of CBDCs is being met with everything from intense skepticism to wild enthusiasm. The reality is that these digital currencies, backed by the governments that issue them, have the potential to eliminate as well as introduce risk into the payment systems that support a country’s economy – and to redefine how we think about money. In this webinar we explore domestic retail CBDCs to understand what it really means to have digital fiat in circulation.

Topics Covered

This webinar explores the topic of fiat currency, beginning with a look at the definition of money. We then explore the key attributes of retail CBDCs and how central banks are shaping CBDCs through technology adoption and regulation. We conclude with a discussion on the key developments likely to emerge in 2022 at this dynamic intersection of payments and economics.

Learning Objectives

This webinar is designed to provide an overview of the key features of CBDCs, the use cases they support, and how regulators are thinking about the implications and impacts of CBDCs in the broader economy.


  • Yvette Bohanan

    Yvette helps our clients develop high-performing payments teams through our Payments Boot Camp® offerings. Leading select engagements in areas such as digital currency systems and payments risk management, Yvette works with our clients to develop strategies for product introductions, revenue generation, and risk management.

  • Bethany May

    Bethany brings to Glenbrook's clients considerable experience in economic and policy research, consulting, financial services and international development, informed by her work with the Asian digital economy and the challenges of SMEs in the financial system.