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Libra 2.0

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In June of 2019 Facebook announced Libra and the world took notice. In the ensuing months, as regulators across the globe teased apart the mechanics of the announcement, the idea faced criticism – so much so that several prominent Association Members withdrew their support. Fast forward to 2020 and the Libra Association’s Libra 2.0 White paper. While many core elements remain in place along with some stalwart Association members, the idea has matured and transformed into a more concrete and stable proposition. So how should payments professionals think about Libra 2.0? What is it and what will it do?

Topics Covered

This webinar is designed to provide you the salient information and a framework to explore these questions. Topics covered include a break down of the components of Libra 2.0 as described in the Libra Association’s white paper published in May 2020 applying the key concepts introduced in Glenbrook’s Payments Boot Camp.

Learning Objectives

This webinar refreshes participants’ understanding of currency and blockchain principles relevant to Libra 2.0 in the context of the payments industry. Armed with knowledge and a framework, participants will have the tools necessary to further examine the capabilities and implications of Libra as they evolve.


  • Yvette Bohanan

    Yvette draws on her 24 years of payments and risk management experience to help the next generation of payments professionals understand industry fundamentals and best practices. In addition to facilitating Payments Boot Camps™, she is also responsible for developing industry-focused curriculums and new delivery channels.

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