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If there is one topic in our workshops that consistently raises confusion and angst, it is Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC. “Why  do we need this?”  “Don’t we have the ability to  process payments electronically already?” And, “I just don’t get it!” Now that China has completed the world’s largest CBDC retail payments trial, it seems like a good time to unpack CBDC and explore the implication of broad adoption on payments systems, consumers, businesses, banks and governments. If you want a well-informed point of view on CBDC for your next Zoom happy hour, this webinar is for you!

Topics Covered

Topics covered include basic building blocks required for CBDC, a survey of various government positions on CBDC, which countries are moving in this direction, how fintech companies and banks are playing a role in these migrations, and how CBDC could alter the payments landscape in very fundamental ways.

Learning Objectives

This webinar is designed to provide a basic understanding of CBDC, it’s role in wholesale and retail payments systems, which countries are on the path for introducing CBDC, and consider some of the obvious and not-so-obvious consequences of government-issued cryptocurrency.


  • Russ Jones

    Russ brings exceptional skills in payments industry analysis, strategy development, and product conceptualization - as well as 35 years as an executive, analyst, and consultant - to Glenbrook clients from across the payments value chain.

  • Natasha Bhuta

    Natasha brings an analytical and project management background to her client work at Glenbrook. She has a keen interest in payments innovation for financial inclusion and the emerging and fast-growing markets context. 

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