A processor pursues an acquisition to stay competitive


A processor observed its competitors moving swiftly to expand their appeal to ISVs and non-traditional partners supporting omnichannel retailers, and wondered whether (and to what extent) this was in response to a market need. Competitors were taking different strategies; some were acquiring or partnering to expand transaction flows via expansion of horizontal capabilities, while others were building capabilities in-house. Some were concentrating on vertical markets such as restaurants, while others appeared to segment potential partners through a different lens, like size. The processor asked Glenbrook to help determine the extent to which these observations were truly responding to a market need, and if so, in what ways, if at all, the client should participate.


We divided our work into three phases executed in a serial fashion: market analysis, opportunity evaluation, and recommendation. The first phase defined and analyzed the retailer omnichannel market segment, its current state, and developed a market map of the key players and top concerns driving its evolution. The second phase examined current activities and potential opportunities for the client in this space, including the potential need to partner with ISVs and other non-traditional partners, as many competitors were doing. The third phase provided Glenbrook’s specific strategy recommendations for the client in moving forward to capture the opportunity. 


Glenbrook validated that competitor activity was in response to market needs. As a result, Glenbrook recommended a swift merger or acquisition and identified possible targets, recognizing that in-house developer capabilities were insufficient.  The client moved forward with target acquisition assessments as a result of the recommendation.

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