Payments Data

Payments Data

Everyone is saying that “all the money is in data."  We all know intuitively that this is true in payments and commerce.

But what exactly is payment data? How do you get it? How do you use it? And how might you use it in the future. This workshop explores payment data in all forms, both sources and uses. We break down payment data inside the purchase value chain and see where each data element comes from and what information is added on each step. We’ll look at how payment data is monetized through economic modeling, merchant analytics, and other applications. Plus we’ll look at examples of AI technologies in payments, examining current uses and how the early-stage startup companies are using payment data.

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Glenbrook's Russ Jones is the program manager.

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Workshop Topics

1. Key Concepts

  • Introduction and role of payments data
  • Payments data across the domains
  • Meta questions in payments data

2. Who Knows What in Cards?

  • Card data fundamentals
  • What each party knows in the four box model
  • Payments data in transaction flow
  • What is enhanced card data?

3. Payments Data Monetization

  • Monetization areas – segments, examples
  • Major players and their focus areas
  • Key trends

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications in Payments

  • Natural Language Processing and Commerce
  • Facial Recognition and Authentication
  • Machine Learning and Risk
  • Machine Learning and Card-linked Offers
  • Next Generation Use Cases

5. Digital Wallet Data Wars

  • What digital wallets know
  • Variation by model – Apple Pay vs Android Pay
  • Token Data Elements and Implications

6. Merchant Analytics

  • How big data analytics is leveling the playing field
  • Key solutions providers
  • Variations by model

8. Payments Data Over the Horizon

  • Data Regulation
  • Data Messaging
  • Data Signals