Digital Payments

Digital Payments

As new forms of digital payments begin to take hold, the old assumptions no longer work. What does it mean to issue a card when there is no card? How can transactions be risk managed when payments credentials are masked and scrambled by design? And what is the impact on the loyalty and reward programs that are designed to depend on the presence of card data?

Join two experienced Glenbrook partners for a dive into the new world of digital payments. In addition to exploring the implications for the various stakeholders in the payments ecosystem, they will also discuss long-term opportunities for next generation players. Come find out who stands to gain and who stands to lose as the payments industry goes digital.


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Glenbrook's Russ Jones is the program manager. 

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Workshop Topics

1. Digital Payments Overview

  • Introduction and Key Characteristics
  • Understanding the Market Context - Why Now
  • Role of Authentication, Tokens, and Cloud
  • Digital Payments Taxonomy

2. Tokenization Fundamentals

  • Tokenization Concepts and Approaches
  • Security Tokens - Current Model and Likely Evolution
  • EMVco Payment Tokens - Flows, Roles, and Data Elements
  • Other Tokenization Initiatives on the Horizon

 3. Digital Payments - POS Mobile Wallets

  • Apple Pay - Key Components, Stakeholder Value Propositions
  • Android Pay vs Samsung Pay vs Chase Pay
  • Other Contenders - PayPal, Venmo, and NFC Banking Apps

4. Digital Payments - Checkout Wallets

  • Visa Checkout, MasterCard MasterPass, and AmEx Express Checkout
  • How They Work; How They Differ
  • Current Positioning and Likely Evolution

5. Digital Payment Enablers

  • Braintree, Stripe, and WePay
  • What They Do, Where They Fit, and Why They Are Pulling Away
  • How They Address the Needs of 'Marketplace' Providers

6. Digital Payments – P2P Mobile Apps

  • General Model, Typical Ecosystem, Economics
  • Venmo, Square Cash, and Facebook Messenger Comparison
  • P2P Mobile Apps in the Developing World
  • M-Pesa Case Study

7. What's Next?

  • In-App Payments - Use Cases and Implications
  • Buy Buttons - Evolution or Revolution?
  • Digital Payments and the Internet of Things