Wallet Wars

OnDemand Video Webinar


The war over online digital wallets is now twenty years old. From the original Electronic Commerce Markup Language (ECML) to today’s tokenized payments credentials, the landscape has changed a lot — and is surprisingly more vibrant than ever. PayPal has emerged as the de facto digital wallet leader, but many alternatives are nipping at its heels. This webinar takes stock of where the industry is after two decades and explores the likelihood that recent developments (e.g., Payments Request API from W3C and Secure Remote Commerce from EMVCo) might change the market’s direction.

Topics Covered

  • History of online wallets
  • PayPal’s role in digital wallets
  • Leading alternative wallets
  • Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) initiative
  • Secure Remote Commerce update

Learning Objectives

To understand the role and purpose of digital wallet technology and gain confidence in discussing the state of digital wallet technology.