OnDemand Video Webinar


In short a span of 27 years, online commerce has gone from almost nothing to US$3.5 trillion of online spending. We still have shopping carts and wallets, but today’s commerce world is dramatically different from the local neighborhood where we all grew up. This webinar introduces the key components that make online commerce unique — from a payments perspective — and provides commentary on the key trends in online commerce.

Topics Covered

Topics covered include the key attributes and payments characteristics of the six key segments of online commerce – eRetail, Online Travel, Digital Services, Digital Goods, Marketplaces, and Order Ahead — along with an overview of the order pipeline and risk management techniques common in online commerce. The Webinar will also cover online payments trends and the role of digital wallets.

Learning Objectives

This webinar is designed to provide a basic understanding of online commerce, how the key segments differ, and the current trends in online commerce.