On-Demand Video Webinar


New payment systems that transfer money in real-time between bank accounts are starting to emerge all over the world. These systems are now starting to appear in the United States. Who are the providers? What are the use cases and value propositions? And how might things shake out in the ultra-competitive U.S. market? This webinar will provide an orientation to the quickly changing world of real-time payments.

Topics Covered

  • Real-time payments defined – requirements, variations, examples around the world
  • Federal Reserve and the Faster Payments Roadmap
  • Real-Time Payments (The Clearing House) and Zelle (Early Warning Services)
  • Card “push” payments – Visa Direct and MasterCard Send
  • NACHA – Same Day ACH

Learning Objective

To understand the real-time payment phenomenon and the status of the various initiatives competing to bring such systems to the United States.


  • Russ Jones

    Russ brings exceptional skills in payments industry analysis, strategy development, and product conceptualization - as well as 35 years as an executive, analyst, and consultant - to Glenbrook clients from across the payments value chain.