OnDemand Video Webinar


The mobile wallet evolved to become the digital wallet. And now, like all good markets, digital wallets are fragmenting into a multitude of next generation approaches. In one camp, the digital wallet is evolving to become the super app. These super apps combine payments, shopping, offers and deals, financial services, and investing in a single unified user experience. In another camp, Toast, Shopify, and other multi-merchant wallets are streamlining the checkout flow and claiming the high ground that used to be reserved for digital wallets. And venture money is flowing into the development of universal wallets like Bolt and Fast. This webinar will sort it all out and try to make sense of how digital wallets are evolving. If you think wallets are only supposed to manage card data, this webinar is for you.

Topics Covered

This webinar explores market drivers and typical extensions from the generic digital wallet model. It will examine the value proposition and differentiation of digital wallets from Alipay, Apple Pay, Cash App, Google Pay, Grab Pay, PayPal, Paytm, RappiPay, Revolut, Shop Pay, Toast and Venmo. To provide a complete picture, we’ll also look at the state of play in browser-based form fill.

Learning Objectives

To understand how digital wallets are changing — and the likely impact this will have on other participants in the payments ecosystem.