OnDemand Video Webinar


Digital identity is both critical to online trust and difficult to assure. With growing account takeover fraud, identity-based decisioning in fraud prevention is key, particularly with new “faster payments” systems that push money between accounts in near real time. This webinar introduces the key concepts of digital identity, its role in digital payment transactions, and the emerging models and technical approaches built to support online trust.

Topics Covered

  • Digital identity in pull and push payment systems
  • Economic impact – fraud losses and liability rules
  • The digital identity lifecycle and ecosystem roles
  • The use cases for digital identity
  • Overview of emerging standards, tools, and trust models active in digital identity

Learning Objectives

To understand where digital identity concepts apply in online trust and payment security, to understand the utility of various tools based on role in the identify lifecycle, and to appreciate the challenges of development of a systemic digital identity ecosystem.