Cannabis Payments
in the U.S.

OnDemand Video Webinar


What happens when a new payment category is right in front of us but not quite in reach? This webinar will explore the quandary our industry faces handling cannabis and CBD payments. Many state cannabis laws are in direct conflict with federal regulation that categorizes cannabis as an illegal substance. It is therefore difficult to impossible for banks and processors, all subject to federal regulation, to provide payment services to companies operating in states where cannabis is now legal. While cannabidiol (CBD) found in both cannabis and hemp, has been granted a degree of legitimacy as part of the 2019 Hemp Bill, it too lies in an ambiguous payments limbo.

Topics Covered

Topics covered include the current regulatory environment, financial services challenges, companies serving today’s cannabis industry, and what we’re watching.

Learning Objectives

This webinar is designed to provide a foundational understanding for this burgeoning payment category and provide a framework for distilling what’s really “under the hood”.