Buy Now, Pay Later
Under the Hood

OnDemand Video Module


Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is hot. The consumer value proposition is straightforward, but how does it work under the hood? What does the value chain and the ecosystem look like for this payment type? Who takes responsibility when something goes wrong? How do they integrate into a merchant’s online checkout flow? What techniques are being used to reach the physical POS?

Topics Covered

This webinar explores the transaction flow in these closed loop systems between the buyer, the seller, and BNPL provider. Through example use cases we will review the parties and the complexities involved in these transactions. We will also discuss the risks that can impact each of the stakeholders.

Learning Objectives

To understand commonality and differences in the way BNPL systems work, how risk is allocated, and the key assumptions and dependencies underlying this new form of payments.


  • Debbie Bartoo

    As part of Glenbrook’s education team, Debbie draws on professional and teaching experiences to help organizations be apprised of the foundations and innovations underway with payments.

  • Yvette Bohanan

    Yvette helps our clients develop high-performing payments teams through our Payments Boot Camp® offerings. Leading select engagements in areas such as digital currency systems and payments risk management, Yvette works with our clients to develop strategies for product introductions, revenue generation, and risk management.