Yasser Abou-Nasr has over 15 years of strategy, technology and global operations across various facets of payments and 20+ years of product management and innovation. He has keen interests in driving financial inclusion, democratizing payments, identifying optimal payment strategies, and digital transformation for enterprise.

Most recently, Yasser led the Payments Strategy and Operations team for Vesta Corporation, where he was responsible for expanding and optimizing payment acceptance through payment types, streamlining infrastructure, global routing, and payment decision configurations. He managed partnerships with card schemes, large processors, and payment service providers throughout the ecosystem. His team also had oversight of Vesta’s day to day payment facilitation operations, including onboarding, settlement, incident management, and partner remittance. In addition to those roles, he held prior positions at Vesta leading product and program management around the company’s risk and payments guarantee programs.

As Senior Vice President of Commerce Services for North American Bancard (NAB), he built a team around a software asset purchase into an integrated payments subsidiary brand for NAB known as Velocity. His team led NAB’s product strategy, service delivery, and partner acquisition through its platform’s valued added services for both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar developers.

His technology and product innovation experiences include senior leadership roles and secured patents at payments POS firm Shopkeep, payments gateway provider TGate Payments, internet access provider Nomadix, inflight solutions mobile payments provider Abanco International, and Motorola.