Rebecca Rasis brings her strong quantitative analysis and research skills to her client work with Glenbrook.

Rebecca has over 6 years of research and analysis experience. Most recently, Rebecca worked on the Consumer Practices team at American Express, where she leveraged quantitative analysis to create and enhance compliance and regulatory processes. In this role, Rebecca continually assessed operational risks across business units and drove improvements in collaboration with internal stakeholders. Rebecca also interfaced with the company’s Fraud Risk Management group in supporting the US Banks’ Identity Theft Prevention Program. In this capacity, she drove efficiencies in revamping the program to develop a streamlined and unified approach.

Previously, Rebecca worked at Moody’s Investors Service as an Associate Analyst in the Public Finance Group. Rebecca’s primary responsibility was to analyze the underlying creditworthiness of cities, school districts, counties, and other municipalities via a combination of qualitative and quantitative inputs. She also authored and contributed to published research in the Public Finance Sector. Rebecca also significantly contributed to a departmental project to launch a web based platform to optimize and automate internal processes and improve operations.

Rebecca graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Economics and was an undergraduate associate of the Eagleton Institute.