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Why has Digital Consumer Financing rapidly expanded across the globe in the past few years? And will a global pandemic further inflate the balloon of “buy now, pay later” - or pop it? In this webinar we’ll explore the century old origins of “buy now, pay later” to current offerings in the point of sale (POS) and remote commerce domains. While economic models, market presence, and features vary between offerings, the customer value proposition resonates globally. We’ll examine product attributes using a framework designed to help you discern the critical similarities and differences between providers. Lastly we’ll look at how the incumbents are responding to new entrants and some regulatory measures that may impact consumer lending.

Topics Covered

Topics covered include the current origins of this payment category, challengers and incumbents, attributes of current offerings, the outlook on the potential market, the regulatory environment, and what we’re watching.

Learning Objectives

This webinar is designed to provide a foundational understanding of Digital Consumer Financing as a payment category and provide a framework for differentiating current offerings by examining critical product dimensions.

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