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The ACH network is one of the most important payments systems in the United States moving more than $50 trillion a year between bank accounts. Designed with minimal bells and whistles, the system excels at low-cost, bulk transfer of payment. This session grounds participants in ACH fundamentals and introduce the key concepts and terminology used in the world of ACH.

Topics Covered

  • ACH key concepts
  • Value chain
  • Risks
  • Transaction model
  • Recent network expansion through Ad Hoc transactions and Same Day ACH

Learning Objectives

To understand the ACH terminology and concept, with a particular eye on how the ACH system differs from the checking system, the wire system, and the card system.

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“The Payments Boot Camp® has done an amazing job at giving me a broader understanding of the payments industry in an easy to digest and engaging format.”

– Tessa Dill Money Solutions Specialist – Payments, Shopify

Key Payments Terminology

All the key terms explained on one place.