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May Bethany

CBDCs or Stablecoins? There’s space for both

Time to Read: 6 minutes Central Banks and Private Sector Issuers continue to develop their respective digital currencies, CBDCs and stablecoins. While this could be perceived as a type of competition, realistically both stablecoins and CBDCs could co-exist and provide differentiated benefits. Digital currencies are on the rise. Private sector stablecoins are being adopted at […]
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Payments on Fire Podcasts

Episode 199 - Elevating Payments to the C-Suite - Vivek Sharma, Head of Revenue and Finance Automation, Stripe

New technologies are reshaping what is commonly referred to as “back office” financial operations - as well as the customer journey - particularly when it comes to payments. A critical component for maximizing any technology investment is the leadership of an organization. In this case, the relationship between the payments leader and the Chief Financial Officer is front and center. In this episode, Yvette Bohanan is joined by Vivek Sharma, Head of Revenue and Financial Management at Stripe to consider the importance of this relationship and how, by joining forces, these leaders can help the C-Suite achieve the organization’s broader strategic objectives.

Episode 194 - Fanning the Flames: Fast Payments, Digital Currencies and Fraud - Recent Conference Updates

In this latest episode of Fanning the Flames, Yvette Bohanan catches up with Joanna Wisniecka and Cici Northup after their recent attendance at the 2023 Payments Summit and the Fintech: Innovation, Inclusion, and Risks Conference. Listen in to hear why “FOMO is not the answer” when implementing fast payments (or anything, really), and their other key takeaways on the digital currencies and fraud topics.

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On Demand Modules

Digital Currencies and the Modernization of Cross-border Payments


Whether the topic is stablecoins or Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), there is a steady drumbeat in the conversation about the potential to improve cross-border payments. The opportunity to have a 24/7 global settlement network is, for the first time in history, being seriously contemplated by the people who could make it happen.

This session is designed to provide an overview of the progress being made with Central Bank, commercial bank and private sector initiatives aimed at using digital currency technology to streamline cross-border payments.

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Domestic Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)


The prospect of CBDCs is being met with everything from intense skepticism to wild enthusiasm. The reality is that these digital currencies, backed by the governments that issue them, have the potential to eliminate as well as introduce risk into the payment systems that support a country’s economy – and to redefine how we think about money. In this session, we explore domestic retail CBDCs to understand what it really means to have digital fiat in circulation.

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Payments News

Tassat Group Intros Multi-Currency Solution for Banks

“Tasat Group Inc., a digital payments solutions provider for banks, has introduced multi-currency functionality on its platform. With this function, banks will be able to create and hold wallets to handle transactions of multiple currencies, starting with the G7 countries of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, U.K. and the U.S., according to a press release.”
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